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City Style: Create an Austin-Inspired Space

Austin is an anomaly in the state of Texas, and darn proud of it. The capital city of the Lone Star State has been a flocking ground for artists, musicians and political liberals since at least the 60’s. Austin has an uncanny ability to retain a small-town charm, no matter how much it grows and changes – and it’s certainly grown and changed a lot in the past few decades!

Austinites are a proud people in love with their city – so it’s no wonder Austin living spaces have their own unique flavor. From our live music district to the nation’s largest university campus to our beloved Barton Springs, there’s just something different about Austin. Here are some décor trends that embody the “Keep Austin Weird” spirit of the city.

1. Suc it Up

Austinites love bringing the natural world in – and in the sweltering Texas heat, cactus & succulents will stand the best chance of survival. Greenery in the form of heat-hardy plants will give your living space a welcome touch of the outdoors. Not to mention, the out-of-this-world variety of some succulents are a perfect addition to a unique Austin home.

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2. Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Austin is graced with great patio weather practically year-round. Thus, many homes put the emphasis on the backyard. Xeriscaped yards are water-conscious and easy to manage. For many, a grilling station and outdoor dining area is a must. Make the most of outdoor spaces with some comfy pillows against rustic furnishings.

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3. Make it Musical

The “Live Music Capital of the World” is not a moniker Austinites take lightly. Every public and private space exudes enthusiasm for the city’s musical roots. Make your own musical mark with a framed concert print from Mohawk, Stubb’s, or the famed Armadillo World Headquarters. A shrine to Willie Nelson is never unwelcome. Or, display your guitar collection on the wall.

4. Ranchy Accents

Proud Austinites are also proud Texans. So, a few ranch-inspired accents are never out of place in Austin living spaces. Think old metal signs, metal fences, vintage cowboy things or something you dug up at an antique market in the surrounding Hill Country.

5. Add Some Local Flavor

“Support local business” is practically an Austin mantra. In Austin homes, you’ll find ceramic coasters, cutting boards, and aprons printed with the logos of local businesses. You’ll find reproductions of local murals or framed prints of the skyline through the years. Pledge your BBQ allegiance with a Micklethwait Craft Meats mug. Or take sides in the great breakfast taco debate with a Taco Deli (or Torchy’s!) themed accessory.

6. Mix Rustic and Modern

It’s not uncommon to see rustic features like exposed beams in an otherwise modern kitchen. If locals are lucky enough to get a home with original hardwood floors, they’ll want to show them off. Hence, a few well-placed floor rugs are all you’ll need. Rugged stained concrete or cool tile floors are also popular for their rustic yet hip feel.

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7. Environmentally Friendly Features

Austin has always tried to be on the cutting edge of green design, so there’s a consistent demand for energy-efficient home features. Low-cost LED lighting, solar panels, water-efficient appliances are all on the rise. Smart thermostats are popular for their ability to help regulate usage of resources and keep costs down. And what could be more Austin than a unique piece of recycled art?

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