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City Style: Create a Beverly Hills-Inspired Space

If Beverly Hills is where you want to be, bring a bit of the city home with high-glam, vintage Hollywood furniture and decor.

Palm Tree Green

From Rodeo Drive to Mulholland Drive, if there’s one thing you can’t miss in Beverly Hills, it’s the palm trees. Whether you’re looking up at them from your poolside lounge chair at the Hotel or viewing them from a convertible on the 101, no spectacle embodies the “spirit of SoCal” quite like rows of palms against a blue skyline in Beverly Hills.

beverly hills style ideas

The ‘Hills,’ Retro

While we can’t deny that Beverly Hills today is the epitome of luxe style, what we wouldn’t give to revisit her ‘Golden Age!’ Circa 1950, bold uses of colors, contrasts and patterns seemed to fill every room of every locale in town – both influencing and being influenced by the major studios in nearby Hollywood. As a result, the design style now known as “Hollywood Regency” was born.

Also known as Regency Moderne, Hollywood Regency defined the aesthetic of Beverly Hills from the 1920s to the 1950s. While Hollywood Regency celebrated all things lavish and beautiful, it also contained bold shapes and splashes of color – the seeds of mid-century modern, which would go on to become the hallmark of Beverly Hills circa 1960.
While contemporary design in Beverly Hills today encompasses a range of looks influenced from a wide variety of styles, there seems to remain in every interior in the city – from restaurants to hotels to private homes – a trace of nostalgia. From vintage wall photographs to mid-century accents, wherever you go in Beverly Hills, you’re bound to run into the occasional ‘nod’ to a past not quite forgotten, a Golden Age that led Hollywood – and the rest of the world –with captivating elegance.
beverly hills style
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