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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging furniture (or other components of one’s surroundings) in such a way as to promote good energy.
While an in-depth study of it involves years of meticulous practice and a trained eye, feng shui also has an accessible, DIY side that anyone can do, anywhere. Here are four feng shui tips for the beginner; incorporate them into your home today – and see how a new wave of positivity may affect you tomorrow!

Make Cleaning Meaningful

There’s a difference between cleaning because you have to and cleaning because you want to. And the first step toward a home that exudes feng shui is all about the latter. Whether you spend most of your cleaning time scrubbing grime, picking up clutter, mopping floors, or all of the above, taking the time to visualize a cleaner home – and the physical and emotional benefits that can result from it – makes it easier to manifest those harmonious feng shui vibes. 

Plant Good Intentions

Inviting nature into the home isn’t just good for looks; it can also help to detoxify common household pollutants your home may be harvesting – and which you and your guests may be breathing in and out on a day-to-day basis. New to the world of interior gardening? Start small. Even something as simple as a mini succulent can do wonders for refreshing a space the feng shui way.

Use Diagonal Placements

Another prominent rule of feng shui involves the bedroom; according to the rule, a bed should be placed diagonal to the door. This can be interpreted in a couple of ways: a) that a bed should be positioned in the corner instead of against a wall, or b) that a bed should be anywhere but facing the exact direction as the door. Either way the arrangement will, according to feng shui principles, ease stress and keep you feeling secure and comfortable, resulting in a better night’s sleep

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