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Everything Customers Ask About Twin Sized Beds

What's the recommended height for a Twin size bed? And how old should a child be before he can start using one? Learn all about it here.

What are the dimensions of a Twin bed?

A Twin bed is the smallest mattress size, about 15" smaller than a Full. It is designed to support a Twin mattress measuring 39”W x 75” L, so a Twin bed mattress pocket will have those exact dimensions. Of course, this does not account for extra features that often come with Twin beds, such as attached storage or bookcase headboard. The most common overall size for a Twin bed is around 43”W x 80”L x 45”H.

Is a Twin Bed Bigger than a Single?

A Twin bed is the same size as a Single bed. Both are one and the same. In fact, if you've ever wondered why it is called a Twin bed, the reason has to do with its early uses: these bed sizes were often designed to come in and be styled in pairs (hence, 'Twin') and so were referred to as 'Singles' when separated.

What Is the Difference Between a Twin Bed and a Single?

There is no difference between a Twin and a Single. While the term 'Twin' is more standard within the industry, the two names are often interchanged because they refer to the same dimensions.

Are Twin Beds for Adults?

No. Twin beds are not recommended for adults. This is because a length of 75" may allow room enough for adults of average height to stretch and find a comfortable position. 

How high off the ground should a Twin bed be?

In terms of providing the most comfort to your child, the height of a Twin bed is just as important as the mattress in it. Too tall, and your child may experience strain trying to climb in and out of bed each day. And if a Twin bed is so short that the mattress may as well be touching the floor, then your child will not be getting the sleep support he needs. Common Twin bed heights tend to fall within the 45” to 53” range; have your child test out a variety of Twin beds in-store to ensure a most comfortable choice!

How old should my child be for a Twin bed?

While the best age to switch from a crib to a bed is usually around two, the exact time will vary from child to child. Aside from the obvious (your child literally has outgrown the crib), one of the best indicators that it’s time for your child to make the switch is if he or she is habitually climbing out of the crib on his or her own.

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