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Best Mattresses for Teenagers in 2024: The Official List

Between high school, growth spurts and growing pains, if there’s one thing teenagers need, it’s good sleep. For this list, we’re looking at mattresses with the highest reviews and most advanced support technology to help give your child the eight-plus hours needed for overall health.

Best Overall Mattress for Teenagers

Revive Series 5 Full Mattress

Product Details: Supportive mattress ✓ Hybrid mattress ✓ Promotes airflow to disperse body heat ✓
Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Twin XL
Who It's Best For: Back sleepers, Side sleepers, Budget-conscious parents
There is perhaps no other time in life when the support of a mattress is more critical than the teenage years. From age 13 to 19, physical growth happens (whether you, as a parent, like it or not!), and gains in muscle, weight and height can take a toll on the joints. (The right mattress, if nothing else, helps to ensure proper spinal alignment.) With targeted innerspring zones, the Revive Series 5 meets the criteria for orthopedic comfort; the contouring memory foam and soft-stretch knit cover are bonuses.
Note From a Pro
"A great feature of the Series 5 is that it comes with a 20-year warranty. Since a mattress for a teen is an investment, knowing you don't have to worry about the cost down the road makes this an easy purchase. I'm also noticing customers loving the fact that it's made in the USA, a feature that's not as common as you might think in other brands." - Shawn Van Emmerik, Sleep Product Expert

Best Twin Mattress for Teenagers

Revive Series 4 Mattress

Product Details: VertiCoil Innerspring ✓ Eco Flex Foam ✓ Tri-Zone Design ✓
Available Sizes: 
Twin, Full, Twin XL
Who It's Best For: Back sleepers, Side sleepers, Budget-conscious parents
With coiled innersprings, contour foam and a tri-zone design (which means support is amped up at the three heaviest areas of the body), the Revive Series 4 asks you to reconsider your notions of what a Twin mattress means. No longer do you have to graduate to a Full for a teenager – if you’re on a budget or short on space, the advanced technology in this one will keep you well-assured that you’re child’s bed is as comfortable as possible, even through growth spurts and weight changes. Other great features include natural fiber material (not made from iffy chemicals) and a medium soft comfort feel.

Best Full Mattress for Teenagers

H2 Medium Mattress

Product Details: Helps combat back pain ✓ Cooling top layer ✓ Bed in a Box ✓
Available Sizes: 
Twin, Full, Twin XL
Who It's Best For:
Hot sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers
A mattress reviews section full of adoration and praises aside, this mattress flies off the shelves, so to speak, and whenever it is back in stock, it goes fast – a telltale sign of the Revive H2 Full’s high-quality comfort. Features include a cooling cover, hybrid mechanisms and a 20-year warranty. These mattresses also come in a box, and unboxing them is just as delightful as sleeping on them; if your teens are craving a bit of (fun) responsibility, have them involved in the setup process!
Note From a Pro
"One big bonus to the H2 Medium is that it is compatible with an adjustable base. If you plan on keeping your new mattress for a decade or more, features like compatibility with an adjustable base make for a versatile bed that you can use as your child's comfort needs and sleeping preferences change. In terms of the construction of the H2, individually wrapped coils, which means that each coil is encased in its own zone to help reduce motion transfer, are a mark of quality craftsmanship." - Shawn Van Emmerik, Sleep Product Expert

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Teenagers

Tempur Pro Breeze Mattress

Product Details: Pressure-relieving ✓ Memory foam designed to relieve pressure ✓ Medium-firm mattress ✓
Available Sizes: 
Twin XL
Who It's Best For:
Hot sleepers, Back sleepers, Side sleepers
Tempur-Pedic mattresses are guaranteed comfort – choosing one over the other is about the type of comfort your teen prefers. For Best Memory Foam for Teens, we’re calling out the Pro Breeze, not only because the customers have spoken, but also because of its futuristic (way ahead of its time) technology. For one, there’s the slow-release climate control, which clocks in at different phases throughout hours of sleep, checking the temperature and adjusting as necessary. There are also seven layers of adaptability, each working with the original TEMPUR material for ultimate contour and support.
Note From a Pro
"Tempur-Pedic has an innovative cover system called SmartClimate. In the Tempur-Pro Breeze, SmartClimate creates an instant cool-to-the-touch feeling as soon as you lie down. The coil system is also unique; in this mattress, it contains over 1000 premium spring coils." - Shawn Van Emmerik, Sleep Product Expert

Best Gel Mattress for Teenagers

Revive Gel Dreams Medium Mattress

Product Details: Comfort layer ✓ Medium-firm  ✓ Innerspring mattress  ✓
Available Sizes:
Full, Twin, Twin XL
Who It's Best For: 
Hot sleepers, Combination sleepers
This teen-friendly mattress from Revive, made up of gel-infused layers with springs, is for any child, teen or adult who prefers that singular feel of high-quality support – the way it aligns and forms around you – but tends to wake up in the middle of the night due to sweats/overheating. This mattress, in other words, is for the one who wants it all; in a world that will tell them no, this mattress is the perfect way to tell your teen, “yes.” Soothing gel layers swirled between layers of Revive comfort technology define this bestseller.

Best Cooling Mattress for Teenagers

Revive R1 Plus Mattress

Product Details: Revive Graphite foam layer ✓ Pressure relief ✓ Breathable cover  ✓
Available Sizes:
Full, Twin, Twin XL
Who It's Best For:
Hot sleepers, budget-conscious parents
As far as cooling mattresses go, the R1 is on the lower end of the price spectrum, making it a winner for affordability – but that’s just small talk. Here’s the heart of the matter: CertiPUR-US high-grade memory foam, graphite foam, a cool-to-the-touch soft-stretch knit cover, naturally-sourced fibers and a 20-year warranty. Need we go on?

Best Firm Mattress for Teenagers

Revive Graphene Hybrid Mattress

Product Details: Lower back pressure points support ✓ Low price point  ✓ 100-day sleep trial  ✓
Available Sizes: Full, Twin, Twin XL
Who It's Best For:
Hot sleepers, Back sleepers, Stomach sleepers, Budget-conscious parents
The defining feature of the Graphene is, hands down, the CoolTek top cover, which translates to direct, immediate relief for pressure-bearing joints in hot sleepers. This is because the Revive CoolTek material is an additional layer of cooling – without feeling frigid or unforgiving. An extra firmer mattress fill at the utmost top surface layer confirms an extra-supportive core, banishing sinking or sagging and promoting orthopedic happiness.

Note From a Pro
"Even though we're calling out the firm model here, it's worth noting that the Revive Graphene is available in different firmness levels. Customizing a teen's sleep experience is important, as every teen's sleeping position, body type and comfort preferences are unique. Parents shopping for their child will also appreciate the 100-day sleep trial you get with this, to ensure the product is exactly what you want a few months from purchase." - Shawn Van Emmerik, Sleep Product Expert

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Teenagers?

The best type of mattress for growing teens to get a good night's sleep depends on body type (body weight) and sleeping position. The heavier your adolescent is, the more support they will need for a comfortable mattress. Side sleepers tend to prefer a combination of innerspring and memory foam, which produces as different firmness type. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers can opt for either material type — customizing based on firmness levels.

When all is said and done, getting your teen’s circadian rhythm in check with quality sleep is the most important thing in the world. It has a direct effect on health and wellbeing; investing in a mattress that’s well-designed will pay a lifetime of dividends.

How Expensive Are Mattresses for Teenagers?

Price for a new mattress depends on size and materials used. Luxury mattress materials include high-quality memory foam, whereas innerspring usually costs less. (Latex mattresses usually fall somewhere in between springs and foam.) Size is also a determiner: Twin is budget-friendly, but Full mattresses can often boast price tags between $50 and $100 more than Twin. Queen size will contain the highest price tag.

(You will also find brands such as Nectar, Nolah, Saatva, Dreamcloud and Helix to feature higher-than-most pricing scales. These types of luxury brands often employ rarer materials such as natural latex and celliant fiber. Their less-expensive counterparts will feel just as good, though, when you put in a bit of extra research into the features and materials you personally need in a mattress!)

Then there are the features: features like edge support, hypoallergenic covers, pillow top, polyfoam, trial periods, 10-year warranties, gel memory foam and motion isolation can all hike up pricing. Just because a feature is expensive, though, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily make it part of a quality mattress for your child. Knowing his or her weight, sleeping position and comfort preferences will help you choose the best bed for him or her.

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