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Best Mattresses for Kids in 2024: The Official List

It’s official: here are the best mattresses for kids in 2024.

Best Overall Mattress for Kids

Revive Series 6 Twin Mattress

Eco Flex Foam ✓ Memory Foam ✓ Individually-Wrapped Coils ✓
What sets this mattress apart from every other Revive mattress is the cooling: it contains the special Ventilated CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam and AirSpacer, a venting system that keeps air flowing in and out of the memory foam. This 6th mattress from the Revive line has also got the same great technologies found in the prior generations of the mattress (including EcoFlex High-Density Foam and individually-wrapped coils), all of which are proven hits with customers. For the ultimate protection against those hot summer nights, though, the Series 6 offers what all others cannot: a true innovation of temperature regulation.

Best Twin Mattress for Kids

Revive Series 4 Mattress

VertiCoil Innerspring ✓ Eco Flex Foam ✓ Tri-Zone Design ✓
If you happen to stumble upon the reviews section for the Revive Series 4, it may be a good idea to have earplugs nearby, because the praises are loud! Of Twin mattresses, the Series 4 gets awarded “Best in Show” due to its wild popularity, affordability and long-lasting comfort (it comes with a 15-year warranty). A great first bed that a small child can grow into.

Best Full Mattress for Kids

H2 Medium Mattress

Hybrid ✓ Cooling Cover ✓ Bed in a Box ✓
The Full size of mattresses is when mattress-hauling through doorways and upstairs starts getting trickier; the H2 by Revive comes in a box for a pain-free (and dare we say fun?) setup. It also happens to be an award-winning (in our book) bed: a lumbar support layer, wrapped coils, gel foam and a copper gel top layer all work together to make the greater whole of what we deem the most luxuriously supportive Full mattress, ever. Growing kids and teens need all the support they can get, especially during the critical sleep cycles, and the H2 has five well-thought-out layers of comfort to serve exactly that purpose.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Kids

Tempur-ProAdapt Mattress

Adjustable Base Compatible ✓ Memory Foam ✓ Medium Feel ✓
Finding the right comfort for kids is essential for their well-being. Luckily, the Tempur-ProAdapt Twin and Full are designed with the unique support needs of children's growing bodies in mind. A deep layer of Tempur-tech memory foam, which targets and supports the spine and muscles, contours around a child's pressure points and can help to gently stretch and relax areas of tension. Other great features include a climate-control cover and a TEMPUR-APR support layer.

Best Gel Mattress for Kids

Revive Gel Springs Medium Mattress

Gel springs ✓ Memory foam  ✓ Wrapped coils  ✓

The best gel mattress for kids is the Revive Gel Springs, according to the product's reviews, at least! The gel addition brings a unique cooling property not found in other foam types, and a foam-cushion layer takes the edge off an orthopedically-supportive inner core. Other benefits include the Revive high-density memory foam and wrapped coils.

Best Cooling Mattress for Kids

Revive CoolTek Copper Hybrid Mattress

CoolTek material ✓ Hybrid  ✓ Medium feel  ✓

There are different ways to accomplish cooling in a mattress, be it gel, open-cell foam, foam hybrids or copper. While each of these is unique in its own way, each produces a similar feel to the others, except copper. Unlike the other three, copper is a naturally-occuring element of the earth; in its pure form, copper creates a cooling effect that is so cool, mattress-makers don't even have to tinker with it – they can just infuse it in raw form and let Mother Nature do her job. For children living in hot and humid climates, the CoolTek by Revive can be just the thing for improved sleep.

Best Firm Mattress for Kids

Revive Granite Extra-Firm Mattress

Extra firm ✓ Innerspring  ✓ Tight top  ✓

Looking for a mattress that is extra firm for support without feeling like a rock can make one feel as though they're stuck between a rock and a hard place. When the geniuses behind the Granite Extra-Firm put their heads together to solve such a quandary, the world got a taste of a real solution: a mattress that's spine-, hip-, neck- and shoulder-supporting while feeling like a coud. Thank the targeted innerprings, Eco Flex Foam or foam edge encasement tech for this – or don't thank anything, and just sleep!

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