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April Fool’s With Furniture: 10 Funny Pranks

We’re not just experts in furniture. We’re also experts in funnyture!

1.      Llama Dearest

Replace large family portraits with framed photographs of llamas and sloths. If you have guests over that day, casually mention your family as you point to the pictures. When your guests laugh, try not to break character. The longer you can carry this joke – and the more photographs of llamas and sloths you can incorporate in your family albums, phone, and throughout your home – the more fazed your guests will be!

2.      Office Pants

Switch an underpants drawer with a home office drawer. (And the toothpaste drawer with the candy drawer!)

3.      So Not Funny

Print out an image of a coffee spill or mud stain (we found some here) and tape it on a white sofa or coffee table. Make sure you’re in the kitchen before your partner or housemate wakes up for morning breakfast. That way, you can giggle at the panic when he sees it from across the room. (And if he looks at you wondering why you’re not panicked, shrug and mention that this article might help his dilemma!)

4.      For the Kids

If you’ve got little ones, fool them with footsteps. Print (or make) muddy footsteps out of paper. Arrange them all over your living room – as if whoever’s footsteps they were took a walk on the floor, over the sofa, along the wall, and across the ceiling. When you wake them up in the morning, tell them ‘a strange visitor seemed to come into the living room last night’ – and revel in their astonished faces as their eyes follow the trail!

5.      Pillow Talk

If your throw pillows come with zippers, then take out all the cushioning and replace it with newspapers. Fluff them up so they look like they’re still plump-and-cozy, and laugh hysterically as your family and guests try to get comfortable!

6.     Lively Furniture

If you have a petite stature, and can sit perfectly still, this prank is for you. Find a plump spot in a cushiony corner of a sofa, curl up as small as you can, and have someone layer pillows and drape a blanket over you, so that you “blend in.” When an unsuspecting person sits in or near that corner, jump out and scream at the top of your lungs. Then grab a tissue – you’ll need it to wipe the tears from your laughter!

7.     Lamps Attack

Buy a giant plastic cockroach and tape it to the inside of a lampshade. At night, turn the lamp on. When your housemate sees the creepy shadow, just roll your eyes, grab a tissue and peel it off the lampshade. Bonus points if you let the roach ‘fall’ on you and you pretend to panic!

8.     Photoshop Fright

This one will require an image editor and, depending on your skill level, may take some advanced prep time to get it right. Sit on your sofa, and have someone take a picture of you cuddling with an imaginary pet. Once the picture is taken, edit in a wild animal – gopher, opossum, skunk, coyote, goose, etc. – and text the photo to your partner with the caption, ‘Found this cutie in the backyard. Can we keep it?’

9.     Mirror Prank

Dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol, and write a message on the bathroom mirror. When your victim emerges from a steamy shower, he or she will see the message. Write any message that comes to you (we’re partial to “FURNITURE” – large, all caps, and, yes, we know, completely random, but somehow it seems, in this case, high-randomness = bone-chillingly creepy)!

10.     Hey, Alexa

If you live in a home with a virtual reality assistant (or smart speaker), put it to work on April Fool’s Day. Most speakers come with the ability to set pre-programmed routines – that don’t require voice activation. (See where this is headed?) So, if your housemate consistently reads in the living room at the same time every day (or eats a meal in the living room at the same time every day, etc., etc.), schedule the speaker (ahead of time) to turn off all the lights in the living room when you know your housemate will be in there. The more lights that turn off all at once, the funnier/creepier the joke will be!

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