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Chess Decor: Checkmate Your Style

Get your pawns in order. With chess decor to heighten the stakes of everyday living, from home office figurines to game room boards, there’s no room for amateurs. Find sleek pieces you’ll love placing on shelves and tabletops — or giving as gifts to your favorite grandmaster-in-training.

1. Knight’s Gambit 

Straight (wood) edge and to the point. This basic design takes no prisoners.

2. Chess Lovers’ Tabletop

Backgammon, be gone! Chess tables are the OG of style-meets-competition.

3. Wood Chess

Metal and wooden chess boards: the perfect platform for blitzkrieg.

4. Aluminum Chess 

For a shine as bright as your endgame, this aluminum design beats all.

5. Wisdom Comes With Age 

Aged bronze finish? For chess, a classic and regal game, it’s a rare and elusive win.

6. Castle-Chic 

Style this set on a home bartop in a game or card room. Alongside a billiards table, this screams vintage-classic.

Chess Board Game Art Decor for Chess Players

7. By the Book 

Knowledge from chess books by the virtuosos needs proper storage/bookcase decor.

8. Bishop’s Corner 

Less function, more decorative. Take a breather and let simple style bring your favorite hobby to the table.

Decorative Chess Pieces + Chessmen

9. Luxury Storage

Organize and take on-the-go. An elegant portable set makes style feel functional.

10. Take a Stand

Skip the binge-watching. A chairside chess table turns living room lounging into higher intellectual entertainment.

Chess Gifts + Chess Tables for Game Room  

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