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Bruce Innerspring-steen (& Other Mattress Rock Stars)

Because baby, we were born to sleep well.

1. Bruce Innerspring-steen

If any mattress is ‘for the people,’ it’s Bruce Innerspring-steen. Through layers of quality coils and pressure-relieving technology, there’s no doubt that this rock star of a mattress wants you to be ‘the boss’ of a great night’s sleep.

2. Creedence Clearwater REVIVE-al

If you find you’re stuck in a rut of sleepless nights, waking up feeling foggy and not at all in the mood to dance and/or ‘get your groove on,’ Creedence Clearwater REVIVE-al is here to change that. Featuring groundbreaking sleep technologies and comfort designs, CCR will be sure to keep you singin’ in your dreams for years to come.

3. Queen (size)

This mattress rock star may be the second-largest in terms of mattress sizes out there – but no other mattress takes up more space in our hearts. From foam, innerspring, and hybrid, it brings a variety of perspectives and designs – each a massive hit when it first came out, and all enduring classics to this day.

4. Kool(ing Tech) & the Gang

Sleeping “too hot?” Kool(ing Tech) & the Gang will take care of that by infusing your mattress with kool-to-the-touch gel foam – as well as air passageways designed to regulate your body temperature. (The biggest plus is that these mattresses will have you waking up feelin’ extra refreshed – giving you all the more energy to tear it up on the dance floor!)

5. The Four (Pillow) Tops

Craving a little plush comfort? The Four (Pillow) Tops is comfort for the soul. Featuring a top layer of pillow-like cushioning, these cozy mattress designs are as gentle as any Motown crooner – and will carry you off to dreamland in as little as ah, one…ah two...ah three…ah four…

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