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Design Tips for Little Kids Rooms – Influencer Alex Evjen

It’s an emotional moment when you trade a crib for a big boy bed. It means that the baby and toddler chapter has come to an end, and a new one is beginning. From one parent to another, influencer and blogger Alex Evjen of AVE Styles shares with us her tips for creating the perfect space for her little boy.

Tip 1 / Choose a bed they can grow into

The Dean Charcoal Twin bed is a beautiful, neutral piece that will stand the test of time. The lines are classic and the color of the upholstery will work with any color scheme. Home decor trends will change just as fast as your child, so invest in furniture that can change with them.

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Tip 2 / Choose a mattress that is going to give the best sleep

Sleep is vital to the growth and health of your child, and, after all, bedrooms are mostly reserved for sleeping. That’s why investing in quality is important. Revive by LS has amazing mattresses that will ensure a good night’s sleep and withstand all of the jumps, forts and zzz’s. I recommend a plush twin mattress.

Tip 3 / Create a space for playing and reading

Even though sleep will be the number one activity that happens in your child’s room, so much else happens there, too. Reading books, pretending with toys and day-dreaming are all part of the room experience. So, make sure you have a reading lamp, side table for books and water bottles, a bookshelf to store their favorite reads and toys and a clock to help them tell what time of day it is.

Tip 4 / Create a space you also enjoy being in with them

Parents forget how often they are in their kids’ rooms, and it’s important you create a space you can enjoy yourself in, too – whether that’s ensuring there’s enough organizational tools to keep toys from taking over, a dresser to make sure all of the clothes are put away or even cozy textures to make the space more inviting. Whatever it is, make sure you love the space, too, and that you aren’t cringing every time you walk in!

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