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Although following your heart is more important than following style trends, you have to admit, it's fun to be in-the-know with what's fresh and stylish in the world of design. No matter what role trends play in your life and in your home, we're here to share inspiration for the season. When it comes to small kids room ideas, we've seen 4 things you (and they!) can get really excited about.

1 | Dark Accent Walls

This trend has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and now it's made its way to to small kids rooms! No matter what hue you choose - blue, grey, green and everything in between - there's something about a dark shade that makes everything else pop. It may seem like a bold choice, especially considering most kids spaces are filled with bright or pastel colors, but there's no harm in trying a more mature and unique alternative that will easily grow with your child.

2 | Whimsical Furniture + Decor

When we were kids, our imaginations were virtually unlimited, and we can instill that same boundless creativity, curiosity and vision in our children by surrounding them with whimsical furniture and decor that engages and inspires them. Designs have taken on a fun, fresh and playful energy, and you'll find items like a house canopy bed that can transform your child's space into their dream come true.

3 | Daybeds

Graduating from their crib or toddler bed to a big kid's bed is an important transition for your children, and they have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to taking that next step in sleep. Daybeds are one of our favorite trends for their versatility. In fact, most of them include storage (yay!) or an extra trundle bed (double yay!), which comes in handy for sleepovers or younger siblings who like to pal around with their big bro or sis.

4 | Playful Patterns

As we get older, we often shy away from bold colors and patterns, so now is the time for your children (and you!) to take some style risks. Go ahead and mix striking stripes and dreamy florals. Pick pillows in the same color scheme, but get wild with their patterns: from chevron, to polka dots, to arrows, to hearts, to mountains. This is the perfect opportunity to be adventurous and have a blast!

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