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Thanksgiving Décor Tips: Hosting the Holidays in Style

Feast your eyes on seasonal Turkey Day décor with these ideas for a festive Thanksgiving tablescape.

The Thanksgiving Table

Before the décor is placed, before the friends and family arrive, and before the turkey is carved, there is perhaps nothing more important when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving than creating a spacious dining area where your guests will feel safe and at home – and it all starts with the dining set. Look for quality designs that can comfortably seat all of your guests, and opt for cozy colors and textures to create a warm and inviting holiday ambiance.

All About the Presentation

Stick to two or three colors

Base your color scheme around the overall aesthetic of the dining table and chairs. Note, in the photos above, how the warm brown of the table's surface creates rich contrast between the pastel and metallic décor. Remember, too, that for décor to stand out, plates, silverware and glasses should be kept in minimalistic, neutral shades.

Incorporate gourd décor

While symmetry is key when it comes to creating a balanced and uncluttered tablescape, 100% symmetry all the time can also feel boring and overplayed – so don't be afraid to incorporate pops of height or texture in an unexpected place or two. In the pumpkin décor above, differences in size and shape are celebrated, grouped together to form one show-stopping centerpiece.

Top off with greenery

For a seasonal ambience, and to keep the focus on organic beauty, cinch your Thanksgiving table décor with a hint of fresh foliage.

Time to Feast!

Feast and give thanks with family and friends – and in elegant style!

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