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January Decorations: Ideas for Winter & After Christmas Style

January decorations and winter decor ideas go hand-in-hand. Learn how to style after Christmas with rustic textures and crisp white décor.

1. Cozy Glamour

Mix comfy layers with silver details for perfect January elegance.

cozy glamour winter white decor
Nothing embraces a fresh January spirit like a warm and inviting atmosphere – so offset bright, high-gloss surfaces with copper or gold décor in soft, distressed finishes.

Give mermaid sequin accent pillows a winter glow with sophisticated silver and gold.

Bring the splendor of a starry night indoors with a burst of enchanting silver light.

Use a small branch of a seasonal plant to freshen the air with a sweet fragrance – and incorporate new January cheer in unexpected places.

woodsy winter white decor

2. First Snow

Mimic the look of an actual winter landscape with soft white "snowy" floors and warm "woodsy" furniture.

In the dining room above, dark wood furniture, leafy greenery and crisp white floors come together to recreate the look of an enchanted forest – at first snowfall.

To boost the brightness of a winter-white tablescape, remember: there's nothing like a flood of natural light to invigorate and refresh.

Organic materials, rustic finishes and brown-and-white décor enhance a 'snowy forest' motif.
Champagne gold coasters and wine bottles add a subtle pop of January color – and prove you don't have to splurge on fancy décor to create an elegant winter ambiance.

3. Sparkle + Shine

Top off cabin-in-the-woods comfort with a dash of dazzling shine.

Set a tray of sparkling ornaments against a distressed wood coffee table for rustic January elegance.
An "after Christmas" tree shimmer offers a subtle glow – but nothing will light up your winter interior quite like a room-defining lamp. Look for one made of warming wood, like rich oak, to keep a cozy holiday ambiance.
Pillows and throws with a 'barely-there' sheen will let you catch a beam of winter radiance – even when you're curled up in full hibernation mode!
Note the subtle use of metallics in the bookshelf and fireplace décor above: silver-wrapped presents (an after Christmas recyclable!) and gold decorative boxes add a touch of elegance to an otherwise rustic aesthetic.

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