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How to Raise a Mattress on a Platform Bed + How to Make Your Bed Higher

Learn how to raise a mattress on a platform bed with these simple steps.

How to Make Your Mattress Higher

The easiest way to make your mattress higher is with a foundation. The best aspect of foundations is that they come in several different profile options – high, low and medium – so that you can choose exactly how high or low you want to go. The height range is usually somewhere between four and nine inches.

Using an Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable bases are touted for their massage features and reclining positions, but did you know they can also raise the height of your mattress? This is done through the base’s legs: many bases come with the options for three-inch height, six-inch height and nine-inch height.

Raising Mattress Height on a Platform Bed

Another way to raise your mattress height is with bed risers, which are actually a weekend DIY project that’s fun and easy – and will yield you a higher and more comfortable bed in the end. Here’s how to make them:

  • Find four lumber cubes of four to five inches. (If you can’t find these at hardware stores, another popular method is slicing fence posts – which are available at hardware stores – into four small blocks.)
  • Using a large drill bit, drill a half-inch (or three-quarters inch) hole into the center of each block. (Make sure the hole is large enough to secure your bed frame’s posts. Note that many steel bed frames come with wheels; in this case, you’ll need to remove the wheels to size the post.)
  • Secure the bed frame’s posts into your risers!
  • Note that risers also come in plastic form. These are usually cheaper and won't require drilling. Plastic risers, however, won't last very long, as they are lightweight.
  • If you want to spend a little, consider metal risers. Steeel bed risers will bear more weight and so are recommended for King sizes. 
  • If you choose metal or plastic risers, consider the sizes. Some come in small stackable pieces, so that you can customize just how high or low you want your bed to be. If the riser is not stackable, make sure to note the how high it will stand – as you won't be able to change the height once it's locked in.

While not required for great sleep (for that, you’ll need a great mattress!), raising your mattress will make for, at the least, an easier time getting in and out of bed. (Not to mention, it also opens up more under-bed space for storage!)

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