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Adjustable Bed Base Buying Guide

Find your most comfortable position easier than ever with an adjustable base!

What Is an Adjustable Base?

An adjustable base is a power-operated bed frame that allows you to change the positioning of your adjustable base-compatible mattress. Whether you want to prop up your feet, recline for sleep or sit back and watch TV – an adjustable bed base will let you do it all, all at the touch of a button.

Why Get an Adjustable Base?

While adjustable bases make it easier than ever to find your most comfortable position, their reclining, elevating and massaging functions are also designed to improve your sleep – and physical health. Below are just a few of the health-related reasons to consider an adjustable base.

Common Benefits of Adjustable Bases:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Easier breathing and reduced snoring
  • Reduced joint pressure and swelling
  • Reduced acid reflux

— Popular Adjustable Base Features —

 Positioning Massage  Smart Controls  Other 
  • Adjustable Head Position
  • Adjustable Foot Position
  • Adjustable Neck Position
  • Programmable Positions
  • Three Massage Intensity Levels
  • 5 Vibration Modes
  • Programmable Massages
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Mobile App Remote Control
  • One-Touch Button
  • LED Light
  • Wall-hugging Design
  • USB Ports

Best Adjustable Bases for: The Best Value

These adjustable bases deliver the best of ergonomic positions, luxury massages and smart controls – all for unbeatable prices.

revive 2000 queen adjustable base

Revive 2000

Starting at $495, the Revive 2000 packs a lot of punch for the price. Featuring Revive’s original adjustable head and foot positions, three levels of leg adjustments, a programmable memory position and more, the Revive 2000 makes it effortless to experience a better night’s sleep – without splurging. These adjustable bases deliver the best of ergonomic positions, luxury massages, and smart controls – all for unbeatable prices.

revive 3000 queen adjustable base

Revive 3000

The next generation of Revive’s innovative comfort technologies, the Revive 3000 comes with all the latest advances offered by nationally advertised adjustable base brands, but with a much smaller price tag. Features include head and foot positions, two programmable memory positions, TV and Zero Gravity pre-set positions and massage programs with three intensity levels and five vibration modes.

Best Adjustable Bases for: High-Intensity Massages

If, along with adjustable positioning, high-intensity, customizable massages are your idea of ultimate relaxation, then these adjustable bases are for you!

The TEMPUR-Ergo Premier

Nowhere are Tempur-Pedic’s luxurious massage capabilities more prominent than in the TEMPUR-Ergo Premier, complete with the Standard, Wave, Synchronized Wave and Pulse massage programs.

The Stearns and Foster Reflexion 7

Two massage zones, three wave intensities and a full body massage mode define the Stearns and Foster Reflexion 7 Adjustable Base for deep rejuvenation and ultimate comfort.

Best Adjustable Bases for: Comfortable Positions

While all adjustable bases are designed to let you customize your sleep position, when it comes to offering unlimited possibilities for angled comfort, these models rise above.


The TEMPUR-Ergo lets you raise your head up to 57 degrees and feet up to 46 degrees – creating a virtually unlimited amount of positions to choose from.

The Revive 6000

Featuring adjustable head, foot and neck positions, the Revive 6000 also offers two programmable memory positions, so that you can return to your favorites at the touch of a button.

Best Adjustable Bases for: Smart Features

The power of technology is growing fast – and so is its ability to give us better sleep. Here are our top picks for the smartest adjustable bases!

The Serta Motion Perfect

Not only does the Serta Motion Perfect come with a smart device app control, a wireless remote control, USB ports and pre-set positions, it also has an emergency backup power source – so you can keep enjoying customized comfort even through unplanned outages.

The Revive 6000

Equipped with a wireless remote with flashlight, one-touch flat button, programmable memory positions and Bluetooth connection, the Revive 6000 takes personalized comfort to a whole new – and smarter – level.

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