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Concrete Design Ideas

Get concrete with these cement color and decor tips.
But first, let’s talk about the difference between cement and concrete: cement is in concrete. It’s an ingredient, while concrete is the ‘whole thing.’ The latter is a mix of paste and sand and gravel, while the former is a substance made of calcium and silica.

1. Cement color is factory-chic, all the way.

In the city, cement is everywhere: it’s what the buildings are made of, it paves the roads, it’s molded into fountains and garden statues, and it even forms heavy (read: hard-to-steal!) seating in outdoor spaces. It’s more than just a material; it’s the ‘building block’ of urban life, of factories, industries, and entire cities. And it’s the perfect accessory for modern-style homes.

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2. Cement furniture will turn heads.

Cement color may be urban-chic, but actual cement material will take your style from urban feel to actual urban lifestyle.

Cement floors, walls, and entire furniture pieces can prove a tad too strong for some tastes – but you don’t have to go all-out to get the ‘cooling effect’ that makes the material so popular. Instead, introduce the trend into parts of furniture – like the top surface of a coffee table, or a lamp’s base!

3. Go for contrast.

The liquid stone that is concrete bears a cooling, mineral-like color, almost like a smoky white. Thanks to its naturally low temperature, it’s often used as a balancing agent in rooms with warmer accents.
Still not on board? Consider this: polished concrete requires no maintenance, except for a simple dry sweep every few days. (Some varieties will even feature stain-proof coatings!) Plus, it’s a solid investment: it won’t crack, weather or erode like wood!

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