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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

To make the most of your backyard or patio space, here are the key things to consider before buying outdoor furniture.

1. How big is your space? 

Before you buy your dream patio or backyard set, you have to make sure it will fit in your space! Take down the measurements of your general outdoor area, and keep them in mind as you start your outdoor furniture search.

2. How do you plan on using your outdoor furniture? 

If you are looking for a garden bench simply to accent your backyard, then material type is not as important; because it will not see much use, lighter materials like aluminum or even plastic will provide the same aesthetic as a heavier metal (like iron) for a fraction of the price – and last just as long. On the other hand, if you need a full-on dining set for regular entertaining, then investing in heavy hardwoods like teak will ensure safe, durable seating – even through years of use.

3. How many people do you plan on entertaining?

If you are simply looking for a quiet place to sit by yourself with your morning coffee, a patio chair or bench will suffice – but if you are planning on regularly entertaining large parties of guests, you will need more seats. To make sure they all match, look for backyard sectionals, chairs and benches that come in sets for effortless style and abundant, comfortable lounging.

4. How often do you plan on using the furniture?

The more you plan on using your outdoor furniture, the more durable it will need to be; to ensure years of quality lounging, look for strong and weatherproof materials like teakwood and aluminum. 

5. What style are you going for? 

Finally, consider the visual aesthetic of the space you want to create. From contemporary designs featuring plush upholstery and bold pops of color to breezy, coastal materials like resin wicker and teakwood, choosing a design that reflects your personality, instead of whatever is the current trend or fad, will help you to create a space that you love – one that won’t ever go out of style.

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