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How to Pick the Best Material for an Outdoor Rug

While all outdoor rug materials are designed for durability, each material type offers its own unique feel. Get to know exactly what each outdoor rug material means, and how it can affect your outdoor space.

Why Choose Synthetic Materials?

Outdoor rugs come in luxurious textures, gorgeous colors and stunning patterns – but they’re not just for aesthetics. Each of our outdoor rugs are crafted with quality synthetic materials, making them:

  • Free of dangerous toxins
  • Safe for kids
  • Safe for pets
  • Fire-retardant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Mildew- and mold-resistant
  • Fade-resistant

Easy to maintain, affordable and compatible for everyday outdoor use, synthetic outdoor rugs are one of the easiest outdoor decorating choices you can make.

Outdoor Synthetic Fiber Rugs

Unlike jute, seagrass and other indoor rug materials, synthetic fibers in outdoor rugs are manufactured – but like jute, seagrass and cotton, synthetic fibers are also completely free of dangerous toxins. Plus, because their textures can range anywhere from seagrass-coarse to buttery-soft – and their colors and patterns are virtually limitless – synthetic outdoor rugs can accentuate every type of space.

Polypropylene (olefin): Olefin, which is also found in wallpaper, ropes and other household materials, is one of the most highly sought-after outdoor rug materials for its strength, comfortable texture and weather-resistant properties. Often designed to resemble sisal, one of the softest plant fibers, polypropylene offers the same feel as natural fibers – for a smaller price tag.

Polyester: All synthetic fiber rugs are designed to be durable and weatherproof – but if you’re looking for the best in fade- and stain-resistance, go with polyester!

Nylon: Used in outdoor décor for its strength and elasticity, nylon is often woven with olefin to create a soft, weatherproof blend perfect for deck or patio rugs.

synthetic fiber rugs

Best Outdoor Rugs

The best outdoor rugs for 2021 - check out our staff picks here, selected for their customer reviews, popularity, style and durability.
Best Feature: 100% polypropylene
Size: 7'9" x 10'8"
Verified Customer Review: "Love this carpet. Great texture and neutral colors. Will make my covered, outdoor sunroom look great!" - Lee B
Best Feature: Herringbone pattern
Size: 5'3" x 7'6"
Verified Customer Review: "Awesome quality rug, I'm amazed how clean it still is, even though I placed it in a heavy-transited area."- Jose
Best Feature: Flat weave
Size: 8'2" x 10'
Verified Customer Review: "This rug has a nice subtle design with pops of color. The ikat print is lovely!" - Granny B
Best Feature: Versatile color
Size: 6'6" x 9'5"
Verified Customer Review: "Really nice rug. Looks neat and matches well with the decor of my home." - Animesh

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