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9 Rooms With Taupe Colors + How to Choose the Right Shade

Taupe is a color that has certainly come into its own recently and you’ll find it in everything from sofas and area rugs to walls and planters. The trick is to use the color properly so it can set off your space – here are our top tips on how to do just that.

1. Taupe Accents

Since this color is so neutral, you’ll find that it works in nearly any type of home or business. Go with a lighter tone if you want to brighten up a space or darker to pull the eye to a specific piece of furniture or highlight. A taupe rug is a good option for softening a space without bringing in more color.

2. Keeping It Light

While taupe does pair well with darker colors, it’s also ideal when mixed with cream or even white. You’ll find that this elusive hue brings life and curiosity to a space that would otherwise be quite dull. If you’re looking for a way to brighten a space without going monochrome, then taupe is the color of choice.

3. Use It as an Accent

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t use shades of this elegant color as an accent in and of itself. In a light room, you will find that taupe furniture or rugs will add interest without darkening the space too much. There’s something inherently classy about a pale space that features warm, bright colors that just works beautifully. It can be used in any room of the house, from the bathroom to the dining room.

4. Textures Make Beauty

The more texture, the better. You can take a velvety sofa and pair it with a fluffy rug or a silky cushion to create a lot more textural interest in a space. This works both for your sense of touch and what you see. Even if you have similar tones of taupe, the varying textures make it more exciting.

5. Taupe With Dark Furniture

This is such a light, easy color that it pairs quite well with darker pieces of furniture. Use different tones of the same color in a room to create more interest and add some dark pieces of furniture to create depth. Dark wood makes the perfect accent to give you that sense of luxury.

6. Blend With Blue

Coupling blue and taupe will create a peaceful space that may remind you of the beach. After all, these are the colors of the sea and sand, all mixed up in the space of your dreams. You can paint the walls in one color and add furniture in the other or go for an area rug or piece of furniture that features blues and browns together.

7. Mix and Match

Don’t aim to match all your furniture when you are using a neutral tone like this. You want to be sure you have some breaks in the monotony, so it’s important to use various shades. Try a light tone on the wall or a deeper tone in the rug, for example, along with other pieces of furniture that are different colors completely to really set it all off.

8. Liven It Up With Nature

Taupe is a natural shade that can be rather boring on its own. However, if you add a little nature in the form of houseplants, you’ll find that it works beautifully. The greens set off the shy nature of the taupe, whether it’s on the walls, floor or furniture, and help brighten the space. You can also benefit from large windows that let the greenery from outside show through.

9. Natural Works With Natural Elements

You already know that plants look great against a taupe background, but what about other natural items? Wood furniture pairs very well with this color and you can also use burlap, wicker, and straw to help add more texture and fun to the room.

Taupe may be a neutral color, but it comes in a variety of tones and can be used to turn any room into something special.

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