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7 TV Console Alternatives

Gone are the days of the floor model television sets and heavy, clunky box models requiring specialized furniture to house our TVs. Today's televisions are sleek and lightweight, leaving you free to style your space around your set, your way. (To discover all the ways you can swap out traditional designs with something a little bit more unique and modern, keep reading!)


Maximize the surface area around your set with a credenza; frame each side of the television with vases or other art pieces to match your room's theme. Use the shelving beneath for peripherals such as cable boxes and Blu-ray players, as many credenzas come with ready-made cutouts for power cords. The low profile of a credenza also provides an ideal viewing height for most living room layouts.

Entertainment Center

Not nearly as clunky as they used to be, today's entertainment centers feature sleek lines with sturdy construction to complement any decor style and secure your electronics. Fill the surrounded spaces with decor elements or kids' videos, or bring a natural vibe to the room with a few potted plants.


Whether your screen is in the bedroom or not, a dresser makes a wonderful TV stand. For living room or family room use, the drawers provide extra storage for videos, games, or that stash of movie night snacks. A long and low dresser acts much like a credenza, while a tall chest of drawers keeps the screen high and out of the way of tiny hands and curious critters. Just remember to secure the TV to avoid tipping hazards!

Small/Downsized TV Stand

Televisions with a smaller footprint demand smaller stands. These work well in dorms or small apartment spaces as they don't impede the flow of the room and they provide just enough space for your screen and drawers or shelves for storage. Remember to check the width and height of your television to ensure your TV will be secure on your chosen stand.

Floating TV

Consider mounting your flatscreen on the wall. Floating your television allows you to choose the perfect viewing height for your room's layout while also freeing up more space for decor and providing a clean look. Beneath the screen, you can mount a floating shelf to hold peripherals or place a credenza or you can place a sofa table beneath to house art pieces, plants, or your video collection. To maximize the visual impact of a floating TV, consider incorporating it into a gallery by hanging favorite portraits or framed art all around.

Bookcase TV Stand

Deck out an entire wall with a bookcase TV stand. Your screen goes front-and-center while shelving rises on either side or below to house novel collections, welcoming viney plants, or an array of framed family photos. With plenty of space, you can easily swap out decor depending on your whims or the season and still have time to catch your favorite shows!

Sideboard or Cabinet

Though usually used in a dining room for serving buffet-style goodies, a sideboard makes an excellent sleek, low-profile entertainment center. Use the space beneath for additional electronics, movie collections, or family game night supplies. While using a cabinet-style piece for a TV stand allows you to tuck away video game consoles, cartridges and controllers, be sure your cabinet choice is a few inches longer than the width of your television for maximum support!

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