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Outdoor Waterproof Fabric - The Best Fabric for Furniture

The hottest days of summer are behind us but for many of us there are still months of great weather to get out and enjoy with friends and family. When it's time to revamp your outdoor furniture, try to snag pieces that fall into one or more of the below categories.


Polyester is one of the most versatile fabric choices for outdoor furniture and can be used for everything from throw pillows to umbrellas. Polyester is able to provide strength and flexibility while still remaining water-resistant. While waterproof, polyester fabric can lose its color quicker than other materials when left out in the sun so make sure to bring the furniture in or place them where they are primarily in the shade.


Olefin is a type of yarn made from polypropylene fibers. The fabric is water repellant meaning instead of being quick-drying like polyester, it actually pushes water away so that it simply rolls off of the furniture. This is the ideal fabric for those with children or frequent house guests as even the biggest spills take only seconds to clean up.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

Acrylic fabric is often seen as the tougher alternative to polyester and sees common use in the hospitality and rental industries. These high-traffic areas need a fabric that can stand up to the weather and the wear and tear that comes from heavy use. Solution-dyed acrylic has the threads individually dyed prior to being woven to prolong color, increase waterproofing and reflect more heat to avoid sitting down on a burning hot cushion!

100% Polyester

Going for 100% polyester fabric is best for those wanting to maximize comfort. Softer than solution-dyed materials, 100% polyester still maintains the strength and durability needed to last for many years outside. The best part? 100% polyester pieces can be washed or rained on repeatedly without losing the original shape unlike some other fabrics that immediately start warping or becoming deformed.

High UV-Rated Fabric

There are multiple fabrics that can undergo the process of being UV treated and is a feature to keep your eyes peeled for. UV, or ultraviolet, is a type of light that doesn't provide any help for us to see with but has a strong tendency to penetrate through fabrics and skin. It's the reason we need sunscreen to avoid getting burned on the beach and the same applies for your outdoor furniture.

If the staging area for your outdoor furniture is in an area that gets a lot of sunlight during the day, you'll need to go with a fabric that's more resistant to the UV waves. While nearly all fabrics can be treated, polyester is one of the most popular due to its balance of comfort, durability and style options.

Solution-Dyed Polyester

Another version of polyester to explore if you're looking to go the route of maximum comfort but also want to have colors that won't fade. Solution-dyed polyester has each yarn coated in PVC or vinyl, creating an even stronger waterproof coating that can also stand up to the harsh UV rays when outside. The mesh makeup of solution-dyed polyester also makes it more breathable so heat can dissipate and keep guests from feeling overheated during an afternoon barbecue.

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