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How to Arrange Potted Plants on a Patio

Designing and caring for a home garden is a great way to build peace of mind as you work with your hands to care for a living thing; as such, many people are drawn to plant care as a lower-stakes warmup for pet care.

Whatever your reasons for starting a garden, though, you will need to know a few things before you begin, such as the kinds of plants you will grow – and how many. (If you are unsure where to begin, start small with one or two plants, expanding your garden as your skills improve.)

It’s also important to understand the optimal arrangement of potted plants to foster the best growing environment – try experimenting with various arrangements until you find the setup that fosters the most growth.

Since some plants require different conditions than others, doing your research before you buy (and planning your garden based on the growing season, water requirements, and recommended sun exposure) can help tremendously in the long run.

Arrange on Steps

One way to make your garden visually stand out is to decorate a staircase with a variety of flowers. This adds some depth and height to the garden, which will improve visibility and spread out the sun-exposure.

Group flowers with the same color on the same step for a technicolor terrace effect. If you have a wide set of porch steps, then you can line the walkway into your home with lush greenery to put your mind at ease as you enter your home. Position vine plants at the base of a lattice wall, chain-link fence or wood-lattice staircase for a more natural aesthetic as the vines climb up the trellis.

Group in Planters

When deciding which plants to purchase, consider buying multiple varieties of the same species group. For example, pick several kinds of petunias, a few vegetable plants, and/or a collection of ferns. Then buy planters that are large enough to grow similar plants together.

This provides clean lines and creates visual groups, which will give your garden a look of order. You could also add a flower planter as an accent to an existing in-ground vegetable garden, thus bringing beneficial pollinators, like bees, to increase the overall plant wellness.

You can also try improving the visual appeal by increasing the height of your garden; try adding a third dimension to a flat garden arrangement with hanging planters, experimenting with low-hanging vines in overhead planters and brightly colored flower pots that hang at eye level.

Design Color Patterns

The key to attracting passersby's eyes is to design a color landscape. Much like painting a picture, you should envision the final look before buying the first flower. Pick an assortment of bright flowers – we recommend a high quantity of a few colors – and plant them in an attractive design. This could mean an abstract cornucopia of color or a specific image that draws awe from passersby. (Of course, the latter would be a more difficult task requiring more patience, but with greater work comes greater reward!) With a little bit of dedication and patience, you can look forward to your colorful display becoming the talk of the town.

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