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Organization Tips for the Bedroom

In a sense, your bedroom is the most personal and intimate space you have. The typical person spends at least eight hours per day in their bedroom sleeping and many people also spend their evening relaxation hours in their bedroom. People often consider their bedrooms to be an external extension of themselves and it's common to want to project the essence of our personality onto our bedroom decor.

Clinical psychologist, author, and Tenured Professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson, refers to the bedroom as an individual's "existential space". In his work, he emphasizes the importance and impact that having an orderly bedroom can have on a person's mood and mental landscape. He refers to the process of organizing your room as "cleaning up your existential space". Considering the importance of the bedroom as a personal sanctuary, we've put together a list of helpful tips for you to better organize your bedroom.

How to Organize Your Bedroom

Organizing your bedroom doesn't have to mean tearing everything down and starting from scratch. It's not necessary to renovate the whole room but rather to focus on using what you have. A massive theme when in bedroom organization is decreasing clutter by using space intelligently. So, how exactly can you do that?

1. Use the Space Underneath Your Bed

People often overlook the space under their bed as redundant or useless, when in fact, it holds plenty of storage capacity. If you're struggling with clutter or organizational problems in your bedroom, figuring out clever ways to use the empty space under your bed might be just what you need to transform your bedroom from messy to well-managed.

This doesn't mean that you have to simply jam everything underneath. You could consider investing in a bed with storage to make your life easier. Some beds are cleverly designed to utilize all aspects of vertical storage. Consider a bed with shelves to utilize the vertical space above the bed frame.

2. Hidden Chests of Treasure

One of the beauties of smart interior design is finding storage places hidden in plain sight. Storage benches are a great way to organize the miscellaneous bits and pieces that clutter your bedroom. It's the perfect place for putting extra books, clothes, or accessories. Placing your new storage bench at the end of your bed makes it blend in with the rest of the bed structure and offers you a comfortable, convenient place to sit when preparing for sleep.

3. Baskets

Using baskets is a great way to organize bedroom clutter while adding an edge to your bedroom decor. Baskets are the perfect storage place for miscellaneous items that you use frequently but don't necessarily have a designated place for. Weave or wooden baskets create a homely ambiance, and you choose a wood that matches the tone of your room creating a sense of coherence for your bedroom.

4. Armoires & Wardrobes

Clothes and accessories are the most common causes of bedroom clutter. Having adequate storage for your clothes is paramount to staying on top of a potential mess. In the interest of refining your bedroom so it can sustain your personal belongings in a design-friendly way, consider investing in armoires and wardrobes that match your overall bedroom theme.

5. Bookcases

Another smart storage option that can help you with organizing your bedroom belongings is to use the space alongside your walls. If you're somebody with plenty of books and belongings, you might consider a bookcase as a smart addition to your bedroom furniture. They are a great place to showcase your favorite sculptures and figurines and give you a platform to express your personality through bedroom decor.

6. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are another fantastic way to use the vertical storage space that your walls offer. Whether you're looking to achieve a modern or old-school vibe in your bedroom, you'll certainly be able to find a wall shelf that meets your decor requirements.

7. Making Your Bedroom Yours

Bedrooms are arguably the most intimate and personal space that a person has. They are more personal than offices, living rooms, or other shared spaces. Regardless of your lifestyle, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time in your bedroom.

The tidiness and organization of bedrooms have been shown to correlate with your moods and mental states. Messy or untidy spaces may perpetuate a sense of being disorganized in life. By contrast, having a well-organized bedroom can promote a sense of being on top of your affairs and can promote a sense of productivity.

For this reason, using your storage space intelligently, in a way that reduces clutter and contributes to your overall bedroom decor theme does more than just contribute to aesthetics. It creates a comfortable sanctuary for you to live and thrive.

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