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8 Spring Bedroom Ideas to Welcome In a New Season

Spring is a time for change and renewal. And for many of us, that need for something fresh extends to the most important space in our homes — the bedroom.
There are several key benefits to redecorating your bedroom. While giving your bedroom a fresh look is a great way to add function to your space and stay on top of current home design trends, it's also a good way to boost your mental health. A new look can help improve your overall attitude, as well as your mood, creativity and focus. Furthermore, adding new decor to your bedroom, or to any room in your home, can actually help to increase the value of your home, either through adding a new coat of paint to your walls or maintaining an up-to-date interior design.

When you set out to redecorate your bedroom, it's best to focus on the bed first and select other decor elements that complement its colors and style. Here, we've gathered some of the best spring bedroom decor ideas for this year, whether you're after a look that's airy and bright, rosy and feminine, or neutral and welcoming.

1. Rosy & Romantic

A rose or blush-colored bed is a great way to add a romantic or feminine feel to your bedroom. The soft pink hues in this bedroom are complemented by an amber vase and a large area rug that features blues, whites and earthy colors, creating a contrast that's appealing to the eye and allows the bed to maintain its status as the focal point in this room. The empty frames hung next to the bed add architectural interest to the room without requiring any construction.

2. Contemporary, But Boho

If you're looking for a look that's easy on the eye but incorporates a little bit of color and boho style, this is it. Soft off-white bedding blends beautifully with a warm grey headboard that's set against a cool grey wall. Round bedside tables and a bed frame that feature long, linear lines work well together, and a macrame plant hanger over the bed brings just a touch of boho to the space without taking away from its contemporary style.

3. Oh So Neutral

Shades of beige, grey and white work together here for a neutral look that helps the space feel large, open and a little bit airy. Olive green pillows and splashes of blue throughout the room add minimal color without detracting from the comforting and inoffensive look these neutral tones create. To recreate this look, consider lamps, bedding sets and other decor items in shades of white and ivory while using throw pillows, rugs or even photo frames to add small pops of soft color.

4. Blush on Grey

A paneled wall behind the bed creates an embellished and textured featured wall in this bedroom where grey, ivory and blush pink play together to create a vibe that's soft without becoming overly feminine. The long sheer curtains protect the bedroom's privacy and add to the soft look throughout the room, while the wood bedside tables and bed frame are responsible for creating a modern vibe that nods to contemporary design.

5. A Headboard Made for Royalty

This oversized, quilted headboard is definitely the focal point of this room. When paired with a quilted bedspread, a paneled feature wall and long, airy curtains, even a small bedroom can feel like it belongs in a large, regal setting. An oak bedroom suite with antique-style hardware, along with oversized lamps, help this bedroom exude its luxurious feel.

6. Contrasting Throw Pillows

If you don't have the budget for a full bedroom overhaul, adding a few throw pillows or even changing the shams on ones you've already got can be an inexpensive way to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. To give your bed a full look that's welcoming and comfortable, layer different sized pillows in contrasting but complementary colors.

7. Dark and Neutral Contrasts

Neutral colors are a great way to create a bedroom that suits nearly anybody's tastes but for a look that's unique and suited to just your style, consider kicking it up a notch with bold, dark colors. This bedroom features a black and beige vertical-striped wallpaper that creates clean lines around a bold, dark blue bed frame with an attached headboard. Neutral bedding to match the wallaper's beige tones bring the look together and save it from being over-the-top.

8. Earthy and Bold

Stop thinking about spring colors and create a cozy style that's inviting year-round with contrasting earthy tones. This bedroom features an array of rust and green tones against a neutral headboard for a look that feels completely cozy. Varied fabrics and knits layered on the bed add depth to the room's decor.

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