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Home Organization Ideas to Tidy Up Every Room

Organization is something everyone strives toward, and it can be a challenge – but with the right ideas and furniture to match, you can keep your home looking neat, even if you have a lot of belongings!

In the Entryway

The area you come into your home is often one of the most difficult areas to organize, but it can be done. Make sure you have a space for everything. Some boxes or baskets set up under an entry table can give you a spot for extra odds and ends such as slippers, shoes, or bags, and the table itself is helpful for items you may need to grab on your way out the door.

If you include a bench for putting on shoes, consider getting one that has storage space inside. And, of course, adding key or coat hooks is a must. (And don’t forget a mirror for those last-minute hair checks before you leave!)

For the Living Room

Inviting guests over and don’t want them to feel like you’re too messy? The best way to do this is to look for a coffee table or ottoman that will give you extra storage space. These simply lift up and you get extra space to tuck away some essentials inside, out of sight of the public. There are several styles available, and they all enhance your living room space.

Living rooms also lend themselves to having bookshelves on hand. You don’t need to store books there, though! Try keeping some odds and ends that you frequently need on hand in the bookshelf, adding some plants and decorative bits and bobs to keep it pretty.

Organizing the Dining Room

Your dining room probably doesn’t see a lot of traffic throughout the day, which means it’s the perfect space to get properly organized. Consider a cupboard or TV stand that you can set up against the wall and store items in. Decorative pieces can go on top to add a little something to the room. You can also set up a small, rolling bar that may be moved around the table to provide refreshments, but holds all your cocktail ingredients in the corner aside from that.

A sideboard is an excellent place to put your fancy dishes or anything you might need for the dining experience, including napkins, cutlery, etc. It looks nice and takes up minimal space, while adding to the ambiance.

Bedroom Chaos Tamed

Bedrooms are notorious for getting out of control. Bring yours back to hand with underbed drawers that allow you to store everything you don’t currently need. For small spaces, your underbed drawers can be used to keep clothing and eliminate the need for a dresser. Otherwise, tuck bedding and extra warm blankets in there, as well as seasonal items.

Arranging your room and placing strategic storage spots throughout will also help keep the clutter down. A bench with hidden storage at the foot of the bed provides a space for blankets, while nightstands give you a place to keep your odds and ends for bed.

It is possible to get your home organized, and you just need to plan ahead. Look at what you have to store, and then make sure you give yourself plenty of space for each item. When everything has a place to be, it is far simpler to keep the space mess-free.
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