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How to Buy a Daybed

When you choose the right daybed, you can transform any space into a chic, practical spare bedroom. Here’s how to do it!

What Is a Daybed?

This versatile piece of furniture is both a bed and a couch. It has a back and two arms, just like a sofa, but it's also a comfortable bed that takes no work or extra room to set up.

Can a Daybed Be Used as a Regular Bed?

A daybed can absolutely be used every day for nightly sleep. Just make sure to choose a design built for such a purpose. You'll want one that comes with a durable frame and quality mattress, rather than a 'sofa-like' one with seat cushions.

What Is the Size of a Daybed Mattress?

They typical daybed mattress measures 75" long by 38" wide. In other words, it's a Twin. While not as common, some daybeds do support Full mattresses (54"x75"). If you are looking to replace a daybed mattress, make sure to measure the platform (the 'pocket' of the daybed in where the mattress will go), to confirm your daybed's dimensions.

Material Types and Styles

daybeds - material types

Daybeds come in all the materials of regular beds, from wood to metal, as well as completely upholstered, like a sofa. When buying bedroom furniture, you can often choose a daybed instead of a regular bed in the same style. Some daybeds look more like sofas than others, so consider what the primary use will be before choosing a style.

daybeds - styles

Most daybeds are Twin-sized. (Although larger daybeds are available, they will often not function as well when used as a sofa.)

What Size Bed Is a Daybed?

The measurements of a daybed are usually Twin size, 39"x75". While not as common, Full size daybeds, 54" x 75", are also available. 

 can have open space under the seating area, like a couch on legs, or a trundle bed or drawers underneath the mattress frame.

Q: Are Daybeds Full or Twin?
A: Daybeds are both Twin and Full size, but the more common is Twin.

Types of Trundles and Drawers

daybeds - trundles

There are two types of trundles used with daybeds. The basic trundle just rolls out from under the bed, and the guest sleeps on it at floor level. Other trundle beds, however, are built so that they can be lifted up from the ground and fastened at the same level as the daybed.

daybeds - drawers

Drawers under a daybed can operate in the same way as a trundle – pulling out on casters –, or they can be a fixed part of the daybed frame.

What Is the Purpose of a Daybed?

A living room daybed is an ideal solution when you're short on space and want a room to serve double-duty as both an office or den and a guest room. It provides a couch for sitting during the day and transforms easily into a bed at night.

A kid’s daybed is also a good choice for children's rooms and dorm rooms. It's a nice place to lounge with friends during the day, and at night, it's a comfortable bed to sleep in. If your child loves to host sleepovers, look for a daybed with a trundle — a low pull-out bed, usually on casters, that rolls under the daybed when not in use. If you don't need a trundle, consider a daybed with drawers underneath – for extra storage.

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