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How a Memory Foam Pillow Can Help You Sleep Better

Memory foam was first developed for NASA in the 1970s as a way to provide adaptive comfort and protection for astronauts. Today, memory foam is more associated with mattresses than it is with pillows – but when used in pillows, memory foam brings powerful, adaptive head and neck support. Here's how the adaptive memory foam technology works in pillows – and how it can transform the way you sleep.

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

In pillows, memory foam comes in two different forms – solid and shredded.

Solid Memory Foam: When in solid form, memory foam is packed to the core with supportive foam cells, designed to respond to your every movement and help regulate body temperature.

types of memory foam pillow
Shredded Memory Foam: Some memory foam pillows are made with shredded memory foam. Because shredded memory foam is made up of tiny individual pieces, as opposed to one large piece of foam, shredded memory foam pillows allow for better airflow, making it easier for heat to disperse – and helping to maintain a cooler sleeping environment.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

solid memory foam pillows

Whether it's shredded or whole, memory foam packs a ton of supportive and cooling comfort when used in pillows.

Conforming Support

How your head and neck are supported can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your sleep; when you lack proper support, stress in the neck and spinal muscles can disturb the alignment of your spine, preventing you from relaxing and even causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Packed with responsive foam cell technology, memory foam pillows are designed to conform to your exact shape and provide immense pressure-relief for high-pressure points – all while providing the proper orthopedic support you need for restorative sleep.

Cooling Technology

Crafted with a special type of foam formulated with breathable passageways, cooling foam pillows promote higher air circulation than a traditional pillow – helping to keep you cooler for longer.

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