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Home Bar Style Guide

All the latest home bar style trends, all in one place. Cheers!

— The Bar —

How to Choose the Perfect Bar

Here’s all the info you need on choosing the perfect bar for your home.
  1. Measure your space. Before you do anything, measure your space. Take the dimensions of the entire area you plan to place your bar, from corner to corner. This will help you get a sense of exactly which bars will fit in – and which won’t.
  2. Consider the bar’s function. Are you planning on using your bar space to host large parties or just a few friends? If it’s the former, consider pairing two identical bar sets together for extra seating and storage.
  3. Determine your style. Is your style more traditional? Go with a classic natural wood bar, complete with decorative hardware. Is your style more modern? Consider a bolder color – like black – and sleeker, metallic silhouettes.
Raise a glass to fresh style and easy entertaining! Whether you use it to serve up summer cocktails in style or set crowd-pleasing appetizers on display, your home bar is sure to steal the spotlight every time.

4 Easy Bar Décor Tips

Spruce up your home bar with these hot style trends!
  1. Express yourself. It’s your bar, so make it personal. On the bar’s surface, style accent trays or dishes in your favorite color, a humorous plaque or even a nostalgic figurine for a unique flair that’s all your own.
  2. Brighten it up. Even the freshest style will mean nothing if you can’t see it, so make sure yours is well lit! Place a couple floor lamps – or a stunning chandelier! – near the bar area to keep an inviting ambiance.
  3. Look at the walls… Bring your bar to life with wall art. Whether it’s through photographs or paintings – or a collage of the two – wall art can add a splash of color and style, without taking up any floor space!
  4. ...and floors. One of the easiest ways to spruce up any bar space is through an area rug – especially if you play with contrast. For example, a bar in a natural wood or another light color, paired with a rug in black or navy blue, will provide the balancing definition needed for a sleek, pulled-together aesthetic. 

— The Bar Cart —

How to Choose the Perfect Bar Cart

Spruce up your home – and parties – with classic designs and effortless style. Bottoms up!
  1. Consider where it will live. Where do you plan on keeping your bar cart when it is not in use? Take note of the space’s dimensions to help narrow down your search by size.
  2. Take note of your storage needs. Do you need your bar cart to hold bottles, glassware, dishes and more? If so, take inventory of all the products you need to be stored, and look for bar carts with ample cabinet space.
  3. Decide whether you want it to blend in…or stand out. If, for example, your home is mostly wood furniture, walls and floors, then a wood wall cart will fit right in – but if you want an unexpected pop of style, go with a sleek metal finish.

Cocktail Time!

Follow these tips for finding and styling the perfect bar cart for your space.

Bar Cart Style: The Hottest Trends of the Moment

Wheel in refreshing style with these simple bar cart décor tips.
  1. Glassware (but not the kind you think). For a simple yet elegant decorative touch, accent the counter space of your bar cart with a couple of unexpected glass pieces, such as a mini bowl or tray.
  2. Add some color… If your guests flock to the cart for the drinks, have them stay for the treats! Throwing in some bright candies or dried fruits into a main aesthetic of bottles and glassware will add a refreshing – and delicious! – pop of color.
  3. ...And some life. Refreshing a bar cart with a small succulent or even a single rose will keep up the energy and class – no matter the hour!

— The Bar Stools —

These bar stool tips prove that style and comfort go hand-in-hand.

How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool

Find the ultimate in relaxation – and the perfect bar stool for your space – with these bar stool buying tips.
  1. Measure your bar. Measure your bar, particularly its height, to help narrow down your search for the perfect bar stool size – and so you don’t end up with awkward seats that are too high or too low for your space!
  2. Pay attention to the back support – or lack thereof. If you’re only looking for a streamlined silhouette, go with backless. Otherwise, opt for high backs, and take note of the design; slats define a sleek modern style, while plush button tufting creates a more traditional appeal.
  3. Pick a color (or two). In terms of color, you can’t go wrong with matching all of your bar stools with your bar, but consider bold contrasts for unexpected style; two bar stools – one in black and one in white – at a bar of natural wood will deliver a playful twist on a classic palette.

— Three Types of Bar Stools That Will Never Go out of Style —

The swivel features and curved back of the architect stool bring a comfortable edge to a minimalistic design – making it a winner in our book!

Whether it’s on a sofa, chair or barstool, the unique luxury of buttery-leather cushions will remain a symbol of elegance – now and always.

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