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Sideboard Styling Ideas

Whether it’s for the bedroom, dining room or even the entryway, the sideboard is one of the easiest design decisions you can make.
sideboard style game

Take your sideboard style game to the next level with these on-trend décor tips.

1. Going Coastal

Get inspired by the sea breeze with fresh colors and organic textures. Sideboard style tip #1: For a breezy, effortless look, layer it up; offset horizontal trays and dishes with vertical vases – and ceiling-high wall art with low-to-the-ground stools, plants, and other floor accessories.

2. Muted Metals

Rise and shine – literally – with an assortment of metallic accents. Sideboard style tip #2: The longer the sideboard, the more décor – but just remember to alternate by type and shape. In the bedroom above, a stack of coffee table books breaks up the height and color offered by the vases and metallic accessories.

Italian sideboard style

3. Italian Style

Mimic Old-World charm with marble décor and Italian pears. Sideboard style tip #3: Balance out warm tones on top of a sideboard by looking down under; a sleek grey rug offers a contemporary touch while cooling off the color scheme.

4. Mod Elegance

Reinvent elegance with contemporary circles – in a crisp golden sheen. Sideboard style tip #4: Intensify non-color décor – think white or black – with a potted plant or small bouquet of roses.

5. Adrenaline Rush

Bring on-the-road adventures home with chic cityscapes and industrial accents. Sideboard style tip #5: Look for sideboards with glass panels to display your favorite knickknacks – both inside and out.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody

Create a boho haven complete with out-of-the-box designs and eclectic treasures. Sideboard style tip #6: When the sideboard itself speaks statement style, accessories can be kept to one or two – or none at all.

bohemian rhapsody sideboard style

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