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12 Hallway Storage Ideas for When You Need Help Organizing

Have you ever reached home and just dumped your shoes, clothes, umbrellas and other spare items in the hallway? While it's convenient to drop your things the second you get home, this practice can make your hallway cluttered and difficult to navigate. If you're looking for a sleek way to store items, check out these 12 hallway storage ideas.

1) Entryway Storage Baskets

The entryway (or mudroom) is the first thing guests see when they visit your home. If it's messy and cluttered, you're immediately giving the home a bad first impression. To keep the entryway clean, try placing some storage baskets near the front door. Here, you can place anything you want to put down when you get home, from coats and gloves to umbrellas and packages.

2) Cubbies

Who doesn't need extra storage space? If you're running out of room to store items, cubbies are a great way to go. Made up of open-faced boxes, they provide quick and easy access to your items. Plus, they can be pushed up against the wall, which consumes less floor space than other furniture pieces (such as console tables).

3) Shoe Storage Cabinet

When we get home, the first thing most of us do is take off our shoes. Before we know it, the hallway is clogged with spare sneakers and sandals. Not only does this cause clutter, but it's also unpleasant to look at. A great way to organize your shoes is by getting a shoe cabinet or shoe rack. This handy piece of furniture eliminates mess and gives the hallway a clean, polished look.

4) Storage Bench

Declutter your hallway by investing in a storage bench. These comfortable seating options double as storage units – simply open the surface, put in any spare items you have, then close it and plop down on top. Best of all, you can choose between different colors and patterns – we recommend picking one that fits in with your interior design.

5) DIY Umbrella Stand

Have you ever left the house, only to have to run back inside and hunt down an umbrella because it's raining outside? Make things easier for yourself by placing an umbrella stand by the front door. While this furniture item is typically used to store dry umbrellas, you can DIY a stand for wet umbrellas using a basket and plastic bag.

6) Built-In Drawers

A chest of drawers may be convenient, but it's also bulky. If you're working with a narrow hallway, you don't want to reduce your already limited space with big furniture. That's why more and more homeowners are using built-in drawers. These drawers are installed directly into the wall, providing ample storage room while consuming minimal space.

7) Coat Rack

Are you tired of running to the bedroom closet every time you need to grab a jacket? If so, a coat rack may be exactly what you need. These thin, sleek racks fit seamlessly into narrow spaces and come with hangers where you can hang anything, from coats and sweaters to purses and scarves.

8) Tiered Table

Storage units don't have to be tacky. If you're looking for furniture that provides extra space and looks good, consider getting a tiered table. With multiple layers, these tables provide plenty of room for storing magazines, mugs, figurines and any other

9) Floating Shelves

To save space, many people are opting for floating shelves (an open shelving unit with planks of wood installed directly into the walls). As a minimalist design idea, floating shelves conserve space while still providing aesthetic value. They're much more pleasant to look at than storage boxes, and they're great for displaying artwork.

10) Coat Hooks

Take advantage of spare wall space by installing coat hooks. Also known as wall hooks, these small hallway storage solutions let you hang purses, coats and other personal items directly on the wall. Not only is this set-up convenient, but it also leaves your hallway empty and open.

11) Bookcases

There's a reason why bookcases are such a popular home decor item. In addition to offering storage space, they bring a certain decorative flair to any hallway. You can save space by investing in a small bookcase, then fill it with anything you'd like. If you're looking for something a bit smaller, try a sideboard or side table instead.

12) Under the Stairs Storage

Do you have a staircase near your hallway? Take advantage of the space underneath the stairs by using it to store spare furniture, shoes or jackets. If you have kids, you could even transform it into a cozy alcove for them to play in. All it takes is a little creativity to make the most out of a small space!

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