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11 Hallway Mirror Ideas That Reflect Light

11 hallway mirror ideas to dress up long and short walls.

Hallway mirrors make the kind of impression you want guests to experience – they’re stylish, on trend and simple. They reflect light (making an entryway feel impossibly big and fresh) and add just enough color and texture through fun frames. Choose from wood, metal, rattan and more in tinted finishes ranging the spectrum of color possibilities. Hang a hallway mirror above a console table or accent table to create a stylish space-within-a-space, or add to the grandeur of a foyer wall by incorporating a gallery of mirrors in multitudes. Whatever your preference, venture into the world of hallway décor with a mirror you love for a space you’ll love!

The Best Hallway Mirror Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Shape up your hallway space with round, square, rectangle, hexagon and octagon mirrors. Choose from farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, industrial, traditional and cottage styles in distressed, metallic or organic finishes. Choose not one but two mirrors for double the fun – the expression is, after all, ‘mirror, mirror on the wall!’

1. Squiggly Lines

This extra-fun mirror doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes the perfect welcoming statement for entry halls.

2. White Washed Frame

A mirror is just as good as its frame; here, a distressed finish adds a ton of style to hallway walls.

3. Simple Circle

A round mirror is a classic and softens the edges in passageways throughout the home.

4. Cubby Mirror

Here’s one for the books: a mirror that also stores/displays things. Curate your treasures in the frame itself for fascinating hallway style.

5. Barn Door Mirror

A farmhouse hallway isn’t really farmhouse without a barn door motif!

6. Natural Wood Framed

Natural wood framed mirrors complement a range of styles of hallway walls.

7. Mixed-In Décor

Use a console table underneath to add décor – and bring a hallway mirror to life. Accent tables, dressers, buffets and side tables also work.

8. Teak Wood

A more coastal touch comes from teak – shown here, in frames around character-filled circle mirrors.

9. Black Iron

A black iron-framed mirror is an elegant touch for modern and contemporary hallways and entryways.

10. Glam Hallway Mirror

A glam frame of continuous gold metal has “sophisticated” written all over it! The round shape of the mirror above seals in glamorous simplicity.

11. The Full Picture

Don’t forget about the bigger picture when styling a hallway mirror. A console below and vase in between brings balance. 

Long Hallway Mirror Ideas and Tips

A long hallway’s expanse of wall space can be daunting; filling it up with the right-sized mirror décor can be even harder. Make sure you measure the hallway walls before styling a mirror (you should know the mirror’s dimensions beforehand, as well)! If you’re more inclined to visuals, it can help to sketch out a to-scale diagram of where exactly your decorations will go – mirrors amid a gallery of art and other wall decor, etc.

Along the same lines: a mirror alone on a wall is simple, but for longer walls (read: longer hallways), more is merrier. Arrange a hallway mirror gallery the same way you would an art gallery. Mix and match shapes and sizes, spaced equally apart.

Another way to fill up hallway space through mirrors is by converting a dresser with mirror into a hallway console or table. If the end of a hallway offers a nook for a furniture piece, the extra storage in a dresser with mirror makes multifunctional use of the space.

Long Hallway Mirror Ideas

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Hallway Mirror Ideas

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