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Everything You Need to Know About Canopy Beds

Whether you want to create an ‘enchanted’ sleep chamber or simply add a chic flair to a traditional style bedroom, canopy beds offer refreshing style for any space.

What Is a Canopy Bed?

A canopy bed is a type of bed that is built with four posts that rise up from each bed corner. Whether it’s through a metal rod connecting the top of each of the four posts (so that the entire bed takes the shape of one large cuboid) or otherwise, these four posts are generally designed in such a way as to allow for a canopy to be draped over them and provide a ‘covering’ around all sides of the bed.
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Canopy Bed Styles

Canopy beds come in a variety of styles; while the most popular styles will feature ‘four poster’ bed frames in which metal posts either rise straight up vertically or come together at an angle (to form one point above the bed), your choice of canopy bed comes down to your own unique style personality. Bed frames that rise up to curvy ‘carriage-like’ silhouettes – along with farmhouse style canopy beds (which feature thick wood posts or panels) – are among the more unusual canopy bed variations.

How to Place a Canopy on a Canopy Bed

There isn’t one ‘standard’ way to hang a canopy on a canopy bed. Drape the canopy so that it covers only one side of the bed (leaving the remaining three sides exposed) or so that it exposes only one side (keeping the remaining three side covered). For a lighter, breezier feel, you can even forgo ‘draping’ the canopy altogether, and instead gather it together so that it is pulled back in sections, like curtains.

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