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Everything Customers Ask About California King Sized Beds

California King sized beds require specific requirements for mattress depth, sheets and more. Learn all about it here.

Why is it called a California King Bed?

With such a unique name, you’d think the history of why the California King is so-called would be equally intriguing – but in reality, the story behind the moniker is quite simple: California was where the California King size bed was first manufactured!

What are the dimensions of a California King bed?

A bed that is a California King size will generally measure 80”W x 92” D. A California King bed is designed to support a California King mattress. However, note that, unlike a California King mattress, there is no standard-issue size of California King bed, so exact measurements may vary from design to design.

How deep is a Cal King mattress?

While the dimensions of a Cal King mattress are standard, and while California King beds will support them, it’s important to note that not all Cal King mattresses will have the same depth measurement. How deep your mattress is will depend on the construction, comfort level and whether or not it has a pillow top. Account for the specific measurement of your mattress depth – and compare it to the depth of your Cal King bed – to make sure your Cal King mattress is fully supported and not too high from the floor for your preference.

How deep should fitted sheets be for a Cal King bed?

For a California King bed, you’ll need California King sheets, which, like the bed size, will also come in standard-issue dimensions. As with mattresses, fitted sheet sizes will vary in depth. Make sure the depth of your mattress matches the depth of the sheets; look for “Deep-Pocketed” or “Extra Deep” in the name of the sheet size if your mattress is more than 14” deep.

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