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What Is a Medium Mattress?

Medium mattresses offer a comfort level exactly between plush and firm – perfect for the sleeper who prefers both soft cushioning and dense support.

What Is a Medium Firm Mattress?

A medium firm mattress is the middle option for comfort, the other two being plush and firm. Of the three, medium firm is most balanced. While it’s not the firmest, it’s also not the softest, so if you want comfort that’s in between, go medium.

Firm vs. Medium Firm Mattress

A firm mattress feels extra supportive, while a medium firm mattress feels “medium” (as the name would suggest). A medium firm level is a safe choice, as it combines both softness and firmness into one design. Firm, on the other hand, should only be considered if you are sure you need and want the extra support.

Why Choose a Medium Mattress?

Can’t decide between plush and firm? Split the difference with a medium mattress! Combining the supportive technologies of a firm comfort level with the gentle contouring of a plush comfort level, medium mattresses are designed for virtually all types of sleepers.

— Medium Mattress Chart —

Mattress Mattress Feel Recommended Sleeping Positions
Medium memory foam Medium-firm with more give Side, back stomach
Medium innerspring Medium-firm with more support Side, stomach
Medium Hybrid Medium-firm Back
Medium hybrid w/pillow top Medium-firm core with a plush surface layer Side, back
Medium innerspring w/pillow top Medium-firm core with a plush surface layer Back, stomach

Choosing the best medium mattress for you will depend on exactly how much firmness or plushness you prefer. A medium foam mattress will lean plusher, a medium innerspring mattress will lean firmer – and a medium hybrid mattress will keep all-around balance with a true medium feel.

What Are the Best Medium Mattresses for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

The steel weight-absorption of innersprings combined with the balancing comfort of a medium firmness level provides the support back and stomach sleepers need to keep their spines aligned and their weight evenly distributed.

1. The Revive Gel Springs Medium

What it is: Eco-Flex HD foam, 7 Series Wrapped Coil System and CoolTouch GEL memory foam work together to provide contouring support, relieve pressure and cool you down, respectively.

Why it works: A Revive classic, the Gel Springs combines the moldable power of gel with the spine-aligning power of innersprings in a medium density level – for the ultimate in balanced comfort.

2. The Revive Blue Springs Medium

What it is: Featuring the same innovative comfort technologies as the Gel Springs, the Revive Blue Springs Medium also boasts a 9 Series Nested Wrapped Coil System for even more spring support.

Why it works: Perfect for the back or stomach sleeper who prefers a denser mattress, the Revive Blue Springs offers Revive’s most advanced system of individually nested coils for superior support – without losing a balanced, medium-firm feel.

What Are the Best Medium Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

Sleeping on the side requires a mattress that will provide enough cushioning to allow the joints to relax. In medium mattresses, this is best achieved through memory foams.

1. The Tempur Adapt Medium

What it is: A cool-to-the-touch cover tops layers of comfort and support – crafted from Tempur-Pedic’s pressure-relieving foam technologies.

Why it works: A supportive TEMPUR base balances out a middle layer of contouring foam for a balanced feel, while Tempur-Pedic’s exclusive cooling surface regulates mattress temperature for all-around comfort.

2. The Tempur-Pro Adapt Medium

What it is: TEMPUR-APR Support Layer, TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer and the original TEMPUR material.

Why it works: Tempur-pedic’s most advanced foam technology to-date, the Tempur-Pro Adapt foam offers just enough give to allow side sleepers to gently sink into a contouring comfort layer – without caving in.

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