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What Is a Medium Mattress?

Medium mattresses offer a comfort level exactly between plush and firm – perfect for the sleeper who prefers both soft cushioning and dense support.

Why Choose a Medium Mattress?

Can’t decide between plush and firm? Split the difference with a medium mattress! Combining the supportive technologies of a firm comfort level with the gentle contouring of a plush comfort level, medium mattresses are designed for virtually all types of sleepers.

— Medium Mattress Chart —

Mattress Mattress Feel Recommended Sleeping Positions
Medium memory foam Medium-firm with more give Side, back stomach
Medium innerspring Medium-firm with more support Side, stomach
Medium Hybrid Medium-firm Back
Medium hybrid w/pillow top Medium-firm core with a plush surface layer Side, back
Medium innerspring w/pillow top Medium-firm core with a plush surface layer Back, stomach

Choosing the best medium mattress for you will depend on exactly how much firmness or plushness you prefer. A medium foam mattress will lean plusher, a medium innerspring mattress will lean firmer – and a medium hybrid mattress will keep all-around balance with a true medium feel.

What Are the Best Medium Mattresses for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

The steel weight-absorption of innersprings combined with the balancing comfort of a medium firmness level provides the support back and stomach sleepers need to keep their spines aligned and their weight evenly distributed.

1. The Revive Gel Springs Medium

What it is: Eco-Flex HD foam, 7 Series Wrapped Coil System and CoolTouch GEL memory foam work together to provide contouring support, relieve pressure and cool you down, respectively.

Why it works: A Revive classic, the Gel Springs combines the moldable power of gel with the spine-aligning power of innersprings in a medium density level – for the ultimate in balanced comfort.

2. The Revive Blue Springs Medium

What it is: Featuring the same innovative comfort technologies as the Gel Springs, the Revive Blue Springs Medium also boasts a 9 Series Nested Wrapped Coil System for even more spring support.

Why it works: Perfect for the back or stomach sleeper who prefers a denser mattress, the Revive Blue Springs offers Revive’s most advanced system of individually nested coils for superior support – without losing a balanced, medium-firm feel.

What Are the Best Medium Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

Sleeping on the side requires a mattress that will provide enough cushioning to allow the joints to relax. In medium mattresses, this is best achieved through memory foams.

1. The Tempur Adapt Medium

What it is: A cool-to-the-touch cover tops layers of comfort and support – crafted from Tempur-Pedic’s pressure-relieving foam technologies.

Why it works: A supportive TEMPUR base balances out a middle layer of contouring foam for a balanced feel, while Tempur-Pedic’s exclusive cooling surface regulates mattress temperature for all-around comfort.

2. The iComfort Blue 300 Medium

What it is: TempActiv Gel Memory Foam, Evercool Fuze Memory Foam, Deep Reaction Memory Foam and Serta Support Core.

Why it works: Serta’s most advanced foam technology to-date, the iComfort foam offers just enough give to allow side sleepers to gently sink into a contouring comfort layer – without caving in.

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