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12 Dresser Alternatives for Clever Clothing Storage

Dressers aren’t always the best option for your clothes storage, so what alternatives do you have? There are quite a few methods of storage that don’t involve a dresser in your bedroom. Let’s take a look.

1. Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a great alternative to a dresser. It’s designed to be taller and narrower, so it takes up less space yet provides the same amount of storage space. Chests of drawers come in a range of designs to suit every décor type.

2. Nightstand

A nightstand is a necessity in any bedroom. You need somewhere to store all your odds and ends and a flat surface for books, drinks, lamps, etc. All of these needs are fulfilled by the humble nightstand, with its small top and drawers where you can store clothing.

3. Bachelor's Chest

Originally designed to hold just enough clothing for one person, the bachelor’s chest is ideal if you don’t need much space. It looks rather like a dresser but is considerably smaller. In some cases, you can even use a bachelor's chest as a nightstand.

4. Storage Bed

Another terrific option for anyone who wants minimal furniture is a bed with storage built right into it. After all, there’s a lot of space below the bed that you can make use of. Storage beds offer drawers beneath the bed to use that space more efficiently.

5. Armoire

When it comes to extra space, you can’t go wrong with an armoire. These large, standing storage units feature two doors in the front in most cases, and when you open them up, you may have drawers, shelves, and a space for hanging clothes, depending on the design.

6. Toy Chest

Need a place to tuck away extra blankets or bulky winter coats when not in season? A chest is just the thing. It looks great, and the lid lifts to store everything inside. Depending on whether the top of the chest is flat or not, you can even use it as a table or bench.

7. Trundle Bed

If you find that space for guests is limited, consider a trundle bed. While originally meant to actually hold a mattress, trundle drawers are the perfect storage space for any items you need to tuck away. The extra space means you can store larger items there, as well.

8. Daybed with Drawers

Daybeds can be a nice addition to an office or any other space where you would like a spot to nap but also want a sofa space. A daybed with drawers can instantly be even more useful by providing additional storage.

9. Storage Ottoman

Many homes have an ottoman or two for putting up your feet or displaying knick-knacks. What if your ottoman served another purpose? With a storage ottoman, you just pull the top off and tuck extra blankets, reading material, or anything else inside, out of sight.

10. Wardrobe

When you hear the word wardrobe, you may think it sounds old-fashioned, but nothing could be further from the truth. These days, a wardrobe is a modern place to hang up your clothes. Sometimes they even come with drawers to store clothing that doesn’t require hanging.

11. Storage Bench

A storage bench is another handy dual-purpose piece of furniture that will work in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room. The bench provides extra seating, as well as some storage inside the hinged top.

12. TV Stand

Whether or not you hang your television on the wall, TV stands are great pieces of furniture to have, just for the storage aspect. They come with a range of storage spaces, including shelves and doors to keep things hidden from the public.
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