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Raise Your Mug! 8 Coffee Table Alternatives for a Cozier Living Room

When you’re designing a living room, the major pieces of furniture should add seating, surface or storage to your space. Typically, a coffee table is the center of it all, but nobody said you have to be typical. There are plenty of coffee table alternatives that can bring in just as much function and maybe even more style. If you find yourself wanting to decorate outside of the box, follow along for some ideas and solutions that will ensure no coffee table is no problem.

1. Cocktail Ottoman

If you want to make your living room as comfortable as possible, try swapping a coffee table for a cocktail ottoman. Soft and spacious, cocktail ottomans are fully upholstered and offer a cozy alternative to hard surfaces. Not only are they ideal for resting your legs, they can even hold trays of decor and accents, plus they bring in additional seating.

2. Storage Ottoman

In a living room without a coffee table, perhaps the smartest design solution is a storage ottoman. This multifunctional piece allows you to keep living room essentials hidden. From throw blankets, to remote controls, to toys, everything you want out of sight and out of mind gets tucked away easily and conveniently.


3. Side Table

Sometimes, the reason you don’t want a coffee table in your living room is simply that you don’t have the space for it. In that case, you can go with the coffee table’s smaller cousin - the side table. The perfect perch for your drink and your remote control or reading material, this design offers all of the surface you need. Best of all, it’s a piece that comes in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

4. Pouf

When it comes to center table ideas, we’re all about keeping things creative and casual in your living room. A super fun alternative to a coffee table is a pouf...even two or three. Because they come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials, you can find a design that truly goes with your space. A pouf also adds a breezy boho vibe that feels fresh and on-trend.

5. Bench

Small table ideas that will really work well in your living room include opting for a bench instead of a coffee table. Whether it’s a dining room bench, a bedroom bench or entryway bench, you can easily transition it to work for your space. Benches provide a narrow alternative that also act as handy extra seating when you’re entertaining.

6. Accent Table

We love living room center table decor that differs from the norm, and an accent table or two adds just the right amount of flair. You have the freedom to play with style, color and texture, plus they can be just as chic as they are functional. Thanks to their ability to enhance your space and the way it works, you won’t be missing a coffee table at all.

7. Nesting Tables

Filling the space that is most often occupied by one coffee table may actually require the work of three tables, which is where nesting tables come in. Small, medium and large designs nestle together to create triple the surface space that can accommodate all of your living room necessities and accessories.

8. Nothing

Maybe the best alternative to a coffee table in your space is to have nothing at all. Especially if you’re trying to furnish a smaller living room, the absence of a table or ottoman can help things feel bigger. Just make sure you have a surface of some sort near your sofa, so you can easily place things on it.

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