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10 Bed Alternatives That Are Ultra-Comfortable

Feel like changing things up? Here are 10 bed alternatives that add unique style and massive comfort.

Sofa Bed

If you don't have a guest room, you can still expand your home's sleeping capacity with a cozy sofa bed. Try adding a mattress pad for extreme comfort and to protect the upholstery. When company leaves, your sofa bed morphs back into the perfect place to watch TV with the family or curl up with a good book. Add a fashionable throw to take off the evening chill.


Choose from models that double as a sofa during the day to ones that come with a trundle bed for extra sleeping options. It's easy to change the look of your daybed by changing the linens to floral, solid or pattern styles. From classic daybeds with wood or metal backing to options with no backing, this is the perfect furniture choice for college students, young professionals and loft living.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds help you make the most of compact bedroom layouts. Whether you want to add sleeping space to your vacation home or meet the needs of your growing family, bunk beds come in a number of styles and sizes to accommodate your needs. Dress up your bunks with buttoned bedding options for a "grown-up" look for the guest room or select metal frames painted in primary colors for a vibrant children's bedroom.

Loft Bed

Create storage or desk space in a bedroom, loft or dorm with an easy-to-install loft bed. Place a loft bed in a corner to maximize space and use the extra space to add a hammock, game station, desk, or pet bed. Adding shelves creates even more storage and under-loft privacy. From curtains to sports team banners, there are tons of ways to personalize your loft bed.

Trundle Bed

Trundle beds provide the perfect solution for pets or small children who like to sleep close to adults. You can also use them under daybeds when you have guests in town. Use bed skirts to hide the mattress and choose comfortable throws and pillows suitable for daytime and nighttime use. Trundles help your kids transition to sleeping on their own, so you can reclaim your bed!


Nothing beats crashing on a soft sofa at the end of the day. Plush cushions with extra padding provide the perfect landing as you reach for the remote and settle in for the night. Choose the texture, material and color that matches your style and add a matching ottoman to rest your feet.

Sleeper Sectionals

When you need plenty of seating and room for overnight guests, sleeper sectionals provide the ideal versatility and capacity. Pull the sections apart to allow visitors to pair off or push them back together to cuddle up with your favorite person. Eliminate living room clutter without giving up your options with a sleeper sectional. Do you want to maximize a smaller space and avoid clutter? Sleeper sectionals are the way to go!

Oversized Recliner

An oversized recliner provides numerous positions for ultimate relaxation. Most models come with a place to put your beverage and the remote. Elevate the ambience in your man cave or she-cave with the ultimate seating option for one. Take a nap, watch TV and add fluffy throw pillows to perfect your reading nook with an oversized recliner.

Armchair with Ottoman

A fashionable armchair with a matching ottoman adds comfort and style to your living room, den or office space. Lean back and put your feet up against plushy cushions or use the ottoman to hold your computer, reading material or beverage tray. The ottoman doubles as extra seating when company comes, and some options include hidden storage to keep clutter under control.


A chaise adds immediate sophistication to your main seating area. Stretch out your legs and cover up with a colorful throw to enjoy a book or your favorite TV show. Place this piece in a corner when you want a statement piece and use throw pillows, rugs and soft throws to tie this unique furniture choice to other furnishings.

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