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8 Nightstand Alternatives That Are Unique & Space-Saving

Eight nightstand alternative ideas that are clever, unique and stylish.

1. Drum Table

The round drum table might be a living room trend, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be incorporated into a bedroom space. Specifically, try placing one at the side of a bed or headboard! Since the top of these designs are flat and the shape is round and simple, drum tables are the perfect place to show off accessories. Style with a bedside lamp, vase with flowers, jewelry box and/or chic alarm clock! Accessories, of course, are optional, and a bare top actually makes for a more minimalist aesthetic while offering more room to keep bedtime items like a journal, a book and glasses within easy reach.

2. Traditional Side Table

Traditional side tables placed at one or both sides of a bed is like the minimalist form of a nightstand. Try a side table with drawers for a more familiar bedside look, or opt for a more modern one (like the cutout shelf design, shown here). Just as with nightstands, don’t be afraid to mix and match; a taller side table on one side of the bed and a shorter side table on the other creates layers, movement and simplicity. Other types of side tables that work well in the bedroom include table-with-shelf designs, lift-top designs, non-storage designs and block/cube designs.

3. Dresser

A dresser next to the bed is actually a common placement, usually used more out of necessity than style. If you don’t have the room to place your dresser anywhere else, by all means go bedside – and make it work by opting for a dresser color, material and style to match the bed. Even if you do have the space to place a dresser somewhere else, consider next to the bed to open up the rest of the room (read: make more room for the fun kind of furniture like accent chairs and poufs that you would never have been able to fit in before).

4. End Tables

These end tables make waking up extra-stylish. To incorporate just the right attitude for your personality, stalk end tables online – research the types and sizes, colors, materials, textures, styles and shapes. The white end tables here work, but it’s only because of the overall clean and light palette of the bedroom, and the same tables might not necessarily work in your bedroom space. If opting for an end table to replace the nightstand, look out for the details and style accordingly. (If you find one you love, look into whether or not it’s a part of a collection or set; you may be able to find a matching table, that’s similar but not exact, for the other side of the bed.)

5. Armoire

A dresser raises the surface level, but if you really want to reach for the skies, opt for the tallest bedside companion, ever: the armoire. Also called a wardrobe, an armoire is like a portable closet with inner shelves, drawers and hanging rods for clothes (which is why it’s so tall). Consider placing an armoire as a “nightstand” to make a style statement (it’s unusual) and make waking up, finding your clothes and getting dressed for the day easier than ever. (Since you can’t really accessorize the top of one, an armoire also helps to keep the aesthetic minimal and clean.)

6. Chest

If you like the idea of a traditional nightstand but wish they came bigger for more storage space than they do, consider swapping out the nightstand altogether for an actual chest of drawers. A small accent chest like the one seen here helps keep all the traditional nightstand essentials as well as many larger items organized. One of the clever uses of a chest near a bed is to store warm essentials like extra blankets, sweaters and socks, so that if you find yourself getting cold at night, all you’ll have to do is roll over and open a drawer

7. Desk

A desk at the side of the bed might seem weird in theory, but visually works. It’s also practical, as it allows for a separate and defined space for homework and study (working or studying in bed can disrupt circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep, as psychologists continue to warn us about time and again). It also makes for a higher bedside surface, drawing the eye up and making the room overall feel bigger. Also, it keeps tons of storage near your bed, so if you find you’re constantly having to get up out of bed to find your nighttime journal, writing utensils or book, this is a solution.

8. Nothing

Whoever said that the more is the merrier never saw the style power a bed with no bedside tables, whatsoever can unleash. Bedroom merriment at its finest is what you can expect with simply a bed and lots of space on either side (which is also, not to mention, a good feng shui technique). More space means more room to breathe, more air for the morning sunlight to fill, and more ways to make you feel relaxed and ready to conquer the start of a new day. If you can do without the storage, then skip the nightstand altogether, and budget the money you would have spent on stylish wall décor, instead.

Nightstand Alternatives

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