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What Is a Plush Mattress? + The Best Plush Mattresses of 2024

Simply put, a plush mattress is a mattress that feels soft – perfect for those who prefer contouring cushioning over firm support.

Why Choose a Plush Mattress?

Best for those who prefer a softer feel, the plush comfort level offers just enough give to allow the spine and joints to fully relax, helping to diminish any areas of strain or tension. For this reason, a plush mattress is often recommended for people who sleep on their sides – a position which tends to place the highest amounts of pressure on the shoulders, hips and neck.

What Are the Best Plush Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

Although plush innerspring, foam and hybrid mattresses are often recommended to side sleepers for their softer give, some side sleepers may find that innerspring mattresses – even with a plush comfort level – still won’t provide enough yield for pressure relief. If you sleep on your side and prefer the softest possible cushioning, consider a plush memory foam mattress; whether combined with innerspring technology or by itself, a plush memory foam mattress is sure to deliver the gentle contouring side sleepers need for an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep.

1. The Tempur-Pro Adapt Soft

Featuring Tempur-Pedic’s most advanced foam technology for deep pressure relief, the Tempur-Pro Adapt Soft features the signature Tempur-Extra Soft comfort layer for adaptive, rejuvenating comfort.

2. The Gel Springs Plush

An innerspring mattress crafted with layers of gel memory foam, the innovative Gel Springs Plush from Revive merges Revive’s plush gel memory foam with an innerspring coil system – perfect for the side sleeper who prefers higher support.

— Types of Plush Mattresses Chart —

Mattress Mattress Feel Recommended Sleeping Positions
Plush memory foam  Soft  Side
Plush innerspring  Soft to medium firm  Side, back
Plush hybrid  Soft  Side, back
Plush hybrid w/pillow top  Soft to extra soft  Side
 Plush innerspring w/pillow top  Soft  Side, back

What Are the Best Plush Mattresses for Back Sleepers?

While back sleepers don’t require as plush of a mattress as side sleepers, they also don’t require as firm of a mattress as stomach sleepers – which means that they have a bit more leniency when it comes to mattress choice. Back sleepers who prefer a softer feel may want to look into a plush hybrid or innerspring mattress – which combines the plush comfort level with firm springs to deliver both comfort and support.

1. The Copper Hybrid Plush

 Renowned for its ability to both cool and support, the copper gel has become a prominent fixture within the mattress industry – and is the star component of the Copper Hybrid Plush by Revive. Those who are required to sleep on their backs due to health restrictions will especially appreciate the temperature-regulating technology, designed to prevent tossing and turning by keeping the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night.

2. The Scarborough Plush Euro Pillow Top

An innerspring mattress in a plush comfort level and with a luxurious pillow top, the Stearns and Foster Scarborough Plush Pillow Top is the perfect choice for those who sleep on their backs and prefer both soft cushioning and innerspring support.

What Is a Plush Mattress? 

A plush mattress is a mattress designed with softer layers of foam or innerpsring blends. It is designed to make one feel more cushioned, though it still offers support. Choose a plush mattress if you prefer a pillowlike feel as you sleep.

What Do Plush Mattresses Mean for Your Sleep?

Plush mattresses mean a mattress that is soft and comforting. Sleeping on a plush mattress, you'll experience gentle relief and support as you drift off to dreamland. Try a plush mattress just once, and you may never look back!

What Is the Softest Mattress?

The softest mattress is the plush mattress. Plush mattresses offer contour and give, making them beneficial for people who need pressure relief for tightened muscles. Note, though, that plush mattresses themselves come in different levels of plushness, from extra extra plush to medium-plush!

Plush Vs. Firm Mattresses

The plush family of mattresses is all about decompression. While firm is more compressed and packed, plush is looser and allows for a little more wiggle room in comfort; lying on a plush bed, you'll feel the surface rise up around you to hug your form, more so than a firm mattress would. Use a plush mattress if you like a bed that feels like a cotton candy cloud; use firm to up the support!

Plush Vs. Medium Mattresses

Medium mattresses were created for the "outsiders" group of people, the ones who don't like plush and don't like firm. Medium types move the needle so that the comfort falls somewhere in between. If you tend to prefer "middle ground" options, go with Medium.

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