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What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Originally created in 1966 as a material that would provide both adaptive and durable support for astronauts, memory foam has since taken center stage within the mattress industry for its renowned comfort. Also called visco elastic foam, memory foam is made with innovative foam cells which respond and mold to the body’s highest pressure points, allowing the spine to rest in its natural posture. Because of the highly dense foam technology, a quality memory foam mattress will also provide long-lasting support while helping to naturally distribute body weight

Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Because of its gentle contouring technology and long-lasting hold, memory foam is the perfect choice for those who prefer a mattress that feels softer than innersprings – but provides just as much support. Memory foam mattresses are also often recommended for those who experience orthopedic pain, as the soft give helps ease pressure off the joints.

What Are the Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers?

Because they place high amounts of pressure on their shoulders and hips, side sleepers should opt for memory foam mattresses with more give.

1. The Chime 12" Queen Mattress

Combining Chime's signature comfort foam with cooling tech, the Chime Memory Foam 12" Plush Queen mattress offers the responsive give side sleepers need for ultimate pressure relief – along with an extra deep profile and plush density level for all-night comfort.

2. The Blue Max 1000 iComfort Plush

Crafted with the same foam comfort and pressure-relieving technologies as the Blue 500, the Blue Max 1000 iComfort Plush Memory Foam mattress from Serta offers a new generation of climate control, making it the perfect choice for side sleepers who prefer a cooler feel.

What Are the Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Back Sleepers?

To help keep the spine lifted and aligned, back sleepers often prefer a firmer feel.

1. The Tempur-Pro Adapt Firm

Featuring Tempur-Pedic’s newest TEMPUR-APR contour foams, the Tempur-Pro Adapt Firm is the Pro-Adapt line’s firmest mattress yet, working while you sleep to align the spine and evenly distribute body weight.

2. The R1 Plus Firm

Featuring graphite and cooling foams, which work to provide dense support and control mattress temperature, respectively, the R1 Plus Firm offers the best of both memory foam and pressure-relief technologies.

What Are the Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers?

To help prevent the spine from caving in, stomach sleepers need as much support as they can get.

1. The Granite Extra Firm

Built extra firm for extra support. The Granite Extra Firm comes with high-density construction to help keep the spines of stomach sleepers properly aligned throughout the night.

2. The Beautyrest Black L Class Extra Firm

Crafted with a sturdy support core and Beautyrest’s dense, moldable foams, the Beautyrest Black L Class Extra Firm also minimizes heat, making it the perfect choice for stomach sleepers who prefer a cooler mattress.

— Memory Foam Mattresses Chart —

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses Mattress Feel Recommended Sleeping Positions
 Memory foam with plush comfort level  Soft to extra soft  Side
 Memory foam with firm comfort level  Firm  Side, back, stomach
 Memory foam with medium comfort level  Medium firm  Side

What Is Edge Support in a Memory Foam Mattress?

Some memory foam mattresses come with edge support. If you see a mattress that features this technology, it means that the edges around the mattress are made of firmer foam than the center. The idea behind this function is that oftentimes, people will sit at the edge of the bed - which, over time, can result in the edges sagging downwards. 

Enhanced firmness along the edges helps to combat sagging and keep you securely supported even after years of use.

What Is Comfort Foam?

The term comfort foam refers to a specific kind of memory foam. While standard memory foam comes in a standard density, comfort foam is designed in different levels. Comfort foam types are available in plush, meidum, medium firm, firm and extra firm feels, each designed to give the sleeper optimum comfort throughout the night. Comfort foam is usually made in combination with gel foam and standard memory foam.

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