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Chinese Porcelain: The PPG Color of the Year

The PPG Color of the Year has been announced, and it goes by the name of Chinese Porcelain. It’s cool – and absolutely bursting with decorating potential!
PPG’s Chinese Porcelain has been named Color of the Year for 2020. Since PPG is a paint company, their Color of the Year announcement undoubtedly comes with a focus on walls and wall paints. But as soon as we laid eyes on the crisp, cool richness that is Chinese Porcelain, we knew we wouldn’t be able to sit still until we got the chance to full-on decorate with it. As in, Chinese Porcelain sofaChinese Porcelain rugChinese Porcelain accent chair. Because the way we see it, a pretty color is a pretty color – and it doesn’t take rocket science to see why Chinese Porcelain shines in furniture and decor, in its own right!

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The feeling behind the color: Like a fresh, silky perfume, Chinese Porcelain invokes notes of sweet florals – drifting through the salty, breezy air of a new beach, at the break of dawn. It’s calm, serious, and yet teases the slightest hint of whimsical periwinkle. While still being all of these, it’s buoyant with possibility and hope. It’s almost the color equivalent of a fortune-teller’s crystal ball – at the verge of an exciting, most anticipated reveal.

But also, it’s the perfect beach color. Whether you’re decorating a house on an oceanside cliff or simply want to bring a little bit of the “far-away” beach to you, go with Chinese Porcelain – and get ready to soak in all the ‘coastal breeze’ it has to offer.

(Pictured above: Chinese Porcelain takes a buttery-smooth leather sofa to a whole ‘nother level of softness.)

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