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Wood Wall Art Ideas: Creative Decor for the Home

Decorating with wood wall art will keep your home feeling chic and inviting. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade here. 

1. In Farmhouse Fashion

At its heart, wood wall art is all about simplicity; get back to basics – and a fresh farmhouse feel – with a raw wood panel (and floral drawings sketched onto its surface).

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2. Portals to Other Worlds

Wood wall art doesn’t have to be all-rustic, all the time. (In fact, some of the most popular designs don’t even look like wood wall art; if we’re getting technical, the term “wood wall art” can encompass any art type – including canvas prints – displayed on a wood frame). Look to add contemporary elegance – and even a bit of mystery – with photographs of scenic destinations. Consider them “windows” to your imagination!

3. The Darker, the Moodier

Traditionally, the design rule of thumb says to keep darker colors near the floor, and style lighter as you go up – but dark wooden wall art proves that some rules are meant to be broken! Moody, elegant and just a little bit rustic, it’s the perfect way to bring depth and contrast in the last place you’d expect: up above!

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4. Getting Practical

To make your space pop, look for wood decor or tools that you wouldn’t normally consider art – and hang it up anyways! A chic wooden wine rack on a living room wall invites an intriguing aesthetic (while keeping your bottles handy and organized!).

5. Super Symmetry

If you love a particular pattern on a wood wall art piece, double it up! Hanging up two identical pictures side-by-side adds a symmetrical appeal – making any room feel defined and pulled-together.

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