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Fall Home Art Galleries: 4 Cozy Wall Decor Ideas

Want to incorporate fall décor into your home? Look to the walls. A home art gallery with warm colors and distressed textures will help to create a chic harvest-inspired ambience – and your coziest space ever.

1. Cozy Up to Copper

Hot apple cider, red and orange leaves, pumpkin spice and cinnamon – if fall is anything, it is sweet, vibrant and warm. Incorporate high-energy color combos, like copper and black, into your wall art to inspire fall’s unique charm.

2. Add Soft Textures

When it comes to fall wall art, the softer the better – and we don’t just mean in terms of color. Seasonal wall décor fashioned from plush, touchable fabrics brings a cozy, sweater-weather ambience.

3. Incorporate Perspective

There’s more to fall than wearing cable knit sweaters and drinking hot apple cider; this gorgeous season is also about taking things a little bit slower and reflecting on the year so far (as it comes to a close), and fall wall décor should be no different! Whether it is a photograph of an intriguing perspective or a watercolor of an abstract sunset, thought-provoking wall art, especially when kept in warm, inviting colors, will give your space a certain joie de inspiration perfect for fall.

4. Warm Up with Earthy Elements

When it comes to fall wall décor, warmth is key – and one of the easiest ways to incorporate warmth is through natural materials like wood and marble. Pair the two together (look for wood art panels and marble wall slabs) to create a cozy home gallery – or choose to style one over the other to draw the eye to an immediate point of focus.

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