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Wall Shelf for Living Room Ideas | Here are the Display Trends to Know About

If you take inspiration from any of these amazing wall shelf ideas, don't hesitate to get started on your next project today! Shelving is one of the easiest ways to mingle storage and staging while also serving to break up a room and open the floor for more decor elements. Remember to always measure the area you're looking to put your shelves and think ahead to how you want to use it. Follow these tips and inspirations to craft your ideal DIY living room shelving.

1. Wall Shelves for Entertainment

Being able to make the most out of the small space reserved for an entertainment center creates new opportunities for home decor to come to life. The extra storage can be used to store electronics, blankets, games and anything else that adds value to your living room experience. Sprinkle in plants and splashes of color to keep the aesthetics on par with the practicality.

2. DIY Recessed Floating Shelves

Needing only basic carpentry skills, you can create the perfect diy wall shelf to take advantage of any recessed portions of your living room walls. Tucking decor away into these open shelving units removes the need for bulky cabinets that intrude on precious furniture space. Interior design gurus love playing with the negative space created with recessed floating wall shelves.

3. Ladder Wall Shelves as a Bookcase

Available in different sizes and finishes, a ladder bookshelf meshes sleek design with extra storage space to make even the most committed minimalist happy. Often used as a bookcase or turned into corner shelves, ladder wall shelves have more applications than other wooden shelves and deserve a spot high on any makeover and remodel list.

4. Built-In Wall Shelf Ideas

There's no lack of shelf ideas out there when it's time to explore upcoming diy projects, but there are certain styles that stand out when choosing wall shelves. Creating an entire accent wall out of built-in shelves provides more storage than any other wall or floating shelves without making the room feel small or crowded. Use the sectioned spaces to alternate between decor and storage in order to get the most out of each shelf while keeping the appearance consistent and flowing.

5. Mixing Wall and Floating Shelves

Leaning fully into traditional or modern looks can keep your wall decorating ideas from expanding and matching your true tastes. Get the best of both worlds by using a classic bookcase frame to house floating shelves, creating a geometric style along the way. Wood floating shelves can be stained to complement the case they're in and often bring together the entire living room as a focal point.

6. Wall Shelves and Living Room Accessibility

Create the ideal small space in your living room by making it as convenient as possible. Place your next DIY shelf near common seating such as the loveseat or sofa to make placing down drinks, phones and everything else as simple as leaning over to the nearby DIY wall shelf. If you've implemented surround sound or a smart home system into the house, these shelves are perfect for hosting control decks and stereo equipment that sees frequent utilization. You'll also find that using accessible wall shelves puts your favorite pieces of decor right next to guest hotspots for maximum exposure.

7. Divide the Room With Floating Shelves

Not every shelving unit needs to be against the living room wall in order to have a positive impact on the rest of the space. A common room makeover hack is to use open shelving to break up the area without a full wall blocking guests off from one another. Floating shelves allow light to continue filling the room as guests admire the foliage draped around the frame. Glass shelves can be used in place of wood for a truly minimal experience, especially when creating the illusion of a plant wall around the shelf.

8. Play With Angled Bookcases

The best design ideas play on what we've grown comfortable with. When it comes to wall shelves, the outer woodworking is where DIY experts are able to express their creativity. Since the shelves themselves can't be angled due to it defeating the purpose, take a chance with geometric and angular housing. This approach lets you use only the exact amount of wall space needed in order to maintain a low profile rather than being the center of attention.

9. Change the Height of Wall Shelves

When we think about wall shelving, we tend to assume that the height will be on the taller side but this doesn't have to be the case. Smaller cabinets of wall shelves are best when storage is the primary consideration as the countertop above the shelves acts as a staging area for decor. This style is commonly used to store items with high use such as board games, blankets and beverage bottles.

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