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8 Wall Texture Ideas

Bringing character to a room can involve the color and art on your walls, but have you considered the impact different textures can have? Your walls are a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed, and you can make them as smooth or as tactile as you like. Different textures bring a modern or traditional feel, or change how cozy and welcoming a room is. These eight popular wall textures will give you great ideas for updating your own home and enhancing your existing decor.

1. Natural Wood

Use reclaimed planks, or even faux-wood, to add a feature wall of rustic beams. Imagine the outside of a slightly crooked but welcoming log cabin, and you know how warm and cozy this look is. Paint your wooden wall any color you like, but paler shades enhance the “shabby chic” look and emulate the summery feel of beach huts and hideaways.

2. Venetian Plaster

Unlike traditional trowel plastering, Venetian plaster creates a wall texture with beautiful, tactile swirls that’s sure to draw gasps of admiration from your guests. In the past, you’d need an expert to apply Venetian drywall finish or plaster, but you can usually find a user-friendly option at your local hardware store. Venetian plaster is mixed with marble and polished to a beautiful finish, ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing areas.

3. Picture Frame Wall Paneling

This type of feature wall combines the aesthetic of an art gallery – without the actual art. Blank picture frames of all shapes and sizes are mounted and painted to match the flat wall, for an eye-catching wall in any room. Personalize this look by choosing just one blank frame and filling it with your favorite piece of art.

4. Board and Batten

Simple vertical wooden beams added to a wall can add an extra dimension that brings texture and depth to a room. Add horizontal beams for a paneled look, ideal for framing art or simply adding order to a chaotic or busy room. Paint your flat wall and beams in one solid color for larger rooms, or highlight your beams in a lighter shade in smaller rooms for the illusion of space.

5. Rustic Wood

Similar to our painted wooden beams earlier, this type of wall features pure, unadulterated wooden beams that show off knots, grain, and even cracks. This is ideal for anyone who loves the farmhouse style, but you can also pair this bare, tactile look with industrial, modern rooms as well.

6. Hawk and Trowel Drywall Texture

A style applied by an expert, this beautiful texture incorporates different layers of plaster for a uniquely tactile look. The tradesperson may use different shades of paint to highlight the upper layers of plaster to create a mesmerizing look for your home.

7. Bare or Painted Bricks

If you have a brick wall within your home, usually a load-bearing wall, have you considered not covering the brickwork? Bare bricks or bricks treated with moisture-repellent coating can add to any modern home. Alternatively, paint the bricks in a color that complements your décor to enjoy the shape and texture of the bricks in a new way.

8. Bold Patterned Wallpaper

A simple way to add texture to any room is to create one or two feature walls using bold patterned wallpaper. Follow the theme of the room, for example, matching floral patterns to floral carpets or bedspreads. Alternatively, go completely leftfield and pick something wild that no one will expect. Expand the texture by exploring flocked or velvet-feel wallpapers.

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Wall Texture Ideas

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