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19 TV Console Decor Ideas

Bring your console area to life without turning on the TV with these 19 decor ideas.

1. Long Consoles for Big TVs

You can see how a lengthy console with decorations on either end creates a framing device for your screen, perfect to display artwork or photos while the TV isn't being used.

2. Monochrome Magic

Perhaps with a splash of life from subtle plants, sticking to black and white accent pieces for your console decor will keep things simplistic without sacrificing the flow of aesthetics.

3. External Shelving

Having a TV console means making the most out of the space taken up which is where the combination of cubbies and shelving comes in. The unique look alone can create a spectacle all on its own.

4. Keep Things Light

Using a light wood console with natural accents such as wicker keeps your TV setup from becoming overwhelming.

5. Painted Farmhouse Styling

A console that embraces the barn door look is the perfect addition to any farmhouse vibe. Bonus points for going with a color that complements the space!

6. Go All Out

If you've dedicated a specific wall for your TV and nothing else, use all of that real estate! All-in-one consoles cover storage, display and cable management needs all behind one sleek piece of furniture.

7. Dark Wood

Set the mood for any living room or den with a nice dark stain that fades away when the lights go down to provide the perfect viewing experience.

8. Add a Splash of Patterns

Use console door seams to your advantage with a piece that incorporates them into an appealing pattern.

9. Sleek, Clean and Crisp

An all-white approach gives you a fresh canvas to place your favorite decorations on or leave them off to keep the space nice and relaxed when the TV isn't in use.

10. Break Away From Tradition

Embrace the industrial nature of building a home with the look of concrete slabs that still provide needed storage and staging.

11. Maximum Contrast

A white console that takes up the entire wall will make your black TV screen the focal point it's meant to be.

12. Mix Stain and Color

Going with one tone can be great, but the complementing colors of dark and medium wood stains is hard to beat.

13. Vintage Aesthetics

Surging in popularity is creating the motif of vintage, reclaimed furniture which is easily achieved with simple shutter doors.

14. Pair Form With Function

When space is tight, you'll want something that looks amazing and provides added storage. Here, books can be stacked on the outside while remotes and blankets hide in the drawers.

15. Stay Inside the Lines

Whether it's to keep your decorations safe from accidents or you want the TV to stand alone, using glass doors can offer the perfect display for decorations or an open invitation to grab a board game.

16. Don't Go Overboard

Remember, the console is meant to complement the room while giving your TV a place to live. Bite off only as much as you need for storage and stability.

17. Put It All Out There

Keeping the TV framed with a shelf-heavy console means being able to show off your favorite pieces of pottery, art and literature every time guests come over.

18. Lean Into Classic Styles

Dark wood, brass fixtures and black accent pieces are ideal for dens and rooms with light-colored walls.

19. Contemporary Modern Shelving

Open-faced shelves make the most out of the given space and you'll love the easy access to books, blankets or anything else put on display.

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