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Christmas Tree Placement Ideas: Festive Tips for Every Room

There's no denying that Christmas is an extraordinarily special time of year. When it comes to getting the house ready, there are no holds barred; it's a time when the home should be busy with visits from beloved friends and family – and having your place looking its best can be a huge part of the holiday fun!

Christmas home décor can be a pleasant experience rather than a woeful chore. There are so many extra touches that can be made here and there, evoking an overall winter wonderland feel. But with many spaces limited and rooms already filled with decorations, the question, year after year, often remains: where to place the Christmas tree?

Everyone is different when it comes to Christmas tree placement, so here, we're going to go over some of the general characteristic tips, pros, and cons of the various places you might put your festive evergreen.

In the Living Room

For many families and households, the living room is the heart of the house; it's where much time is spent during the holidays. You might let the hours pass watching TV or sitting and chatting with the family, and many find this to be the perfect location for a wholesome, fragrant, and brightly lit Christmas tree.

An advantage of having your tree in the living room is that if you're used to spending time there, you'll really get to make the most of it. It's best placed in a cozy corner, away from the entrance and out of the normal walking space. If you're used to having your television or coffee table in the corner, you might try rearranging a little until you find the perfect fit.

In the Dining Room

Having your Christmas tree set up in the dining room gives the family something bright and inspiring to gaze at while eating a lovely, homecooked holiday dinner. Hopefully, you'll be having numerous festive meals during the holidays, which will give your guests ample opportunity to see the effort you've put into creating a warm, ambient environment to enjoy.

You might find it easier to find a free corner in your dining room to avoid having to rearrange your living room furniture. Also, if you live in a home with an open fire in the living room, having your tree away from it will reduce any risk of potential flame hazards (which, needless to say, would be an utter disaster!).

In the Hallway

Placing your tree in the hallway can be a great option if you're really stuck for space in other rooms, or perhaps you prefer a more modest and understated Christmas look. Provided you have enough space and don't run the risk of blocking up the whole hallways and causing an array of clumsy accidents, it's a perfectly fine thing to do.

Beside your shoe shelves or perhaps placed snug at the bottom of the stairs, a hallway Christmas tree is a great way to greet your guests as they enter the house. It also leaves a warm, friendly impression as they depart.
christmas tree placement

Mini Christmas Trees

Perhaps you're not so big on extravagant Christmas decorations or are simply too busy to spend the extra time on them. A miniature Christmas tree that comes pre-decorated could be a great choice if you don't want to be completely empty-handed when guests come to visit. You can find them in any home store at reasonable prices, and they're small enough that you can tuck them away to use year after year.

They make great additions to a living room mantlepiece, in the dining room, kitchen, or hallway – and you might even decide on having them in multiple places around the house!

Last Thoughts

While everyone harbors a different attitude when it comes to Christmas décor, the important thing is to find a setup that you yourself feel comfortable and happy with so that you can get the most out of a holiday season at home.

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