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11 Wind Chime Ideas That Add Sound to the Breeze

For years, people have considered wind chimes to be a source of happiness and good fortune. Whether you believe in this myth or wave it off as an old wives' tale, there's no denying that wind chimes are a great addition to any home; not only are they unique decorations, but the sounds they make can be calming for the mind and soul. To help you bring a little more beauty and peace to your space: 11 wind chime ideas anyone can try (keep reading for our top picks, below)!

An Ocean Dive

If you're a fan of ocean views, you'll love these turquoise, capiz wind chimes. The chimes, which resemble sea glass, cascade naturally off of a smooth, wood-brown spiral. When encouraged by a light breeze, they'll release a series of earthy sounds that will transport you to the shore.

Beautiful Birds

There's nothing like the chirping of birds to make you truly appreciate nature. These wind chimes feature strings of colorful beads that lead to a bright brown bird, perched upon a matching bell. When the wind hits, you'll be treated to your very own bird song concert.

Fly to the Moon

If you like stargazing, then you'll appreciate these capiz wind chimes. The circular white design reflects light and gives off the appearance of authentic moonstones. They fit well in your home, by your front door, or out by the garden.

Peaches & Chimes

These coral, capiz wind chimes bring positive energy to any home. Along with a warm and inviting color scheme, the small, circular chimes bounce beautifully off of each other when they encounter a burst of wind. The result is an orchestra of light, breezy sounds.

Lots of Love

The world could always do with some more love! These chocolate-colored heart chimes let everyone know that you're all about optimism and happiness and, since they're on the large side, let out the deepest, most calming, nerve-relaxing sounds.

Serenity in Silver

Silver bells have always represented Christmas. Why not let your holiday spirit shine year-round by investing in some serene, silver bell chimes? Each bell is a different size and produces its own unique sound; when melted together, these different sounds create a marvelous musicality.

Flower Power

Are you looking for musical wind chimes that can add some beauty to your home? If so, this lovely lotus chime may be just what you're looking for. The chocolate petals sit atop rows of bright, rainbow-colored strings, all of which create a light, soothing harmony.

Winged Wind Chimes

There are few creatures that are as naturally beautiful as butterflies. If you're a fan of these winged wonders, then consider investing in these brown butterfly wind chimes. The beads offer a pop of color, while the naturalistic appearance fits seamlessly into your garden.

Sweet Spots

A yellow or green spotted butterfly might be hard to find in the wild, but with these wind chimes, you can enjoy their beauty year-round. Each string carries a matching bell that bounces along with the wind, releasing enchanting music to celebrate the flight of these Lepidopteras.

Pastel Patterns

Want to spruce up your home with some color? Thanks to these wind chimes, you'll enjoy virtually every shade of the rainbow. They also come in unique circular and rectangular shapes that bounce off each other in the wind, creating a cacophony of fun sounds.

Sunny Smiles

These wind chimes will brighten up your day – literally. Every time the smiling sun rustles in the breeze, you'll be greeted with a pleasant, tinkling sound that puts you at ease. Even just looking at the design brings feelings of warmth, optimism and joy.

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