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Indoor Planter Ideas to Foster Your Green Thumb

House plants aren’t just good for producing oxygen – they’re also incredibly chic. See the creative uses of indoor planters housing some of our favorites (including fig plants, cactus and aloe), plus top tips for bringing the ‘outdoors in.’

1. Bar Cart Greens

Leave it to the bar cart to provide a fabulous way to display a plant! The best part about this look traces back to the psychology of keeping house plants in general: even the sight of one can boost your mood and help you to de-stress. And isn’t that exactly how you want your guests to feel as they’re eating your food (or drinking your drinks)?

2. Desert Heat

Whether you’re dreaming of the desert or actually baking in it, you can’t go wrong with a cactus-in-a-planter. These silver industrial-style planters are key in creating laidback, authentic desert charm.

3. Daily Greens

Start your day off right with a gorgeous green fig plant, nurtured by a chic planter with tapered legs in the mid-century modern style.

4. Window Hideaway

An array of planters against a window will provide your green babies with all the natural light they need – while serving as eye-catching decor. Pair a windowsill plant with sheer white drapes to enhance the natural light and play to a fresh feel.

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5. Standing Tall

Raising your plants right means caring for them so they grow beautifully uninhibited – and it also means literally raising them off the ground. The higher up you raise them in vertical, freestanding planters, the higher the eye will draw up, making the room feel bigger and more spacious.

6. Garden Party

Hosting a backyard party? Take your plants out for some fresh air – and to elevate your backyard sophistication. With a little help from a statement planter, nature serves as the best kind of decor!

7. Hangin’ Out

A hanging display of planters with devil’s ivy so charming? In the bedroom, the look will be sure to “float” you right to sleep!
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