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11 Candle Holder Ideas to Light Your Fire

Growing up is boring. Glowing up is fun. Here are 11 candle holder ideas + tips to help ignite your creative flames!

1. A trio of sorts.

Group three candle holders together. Make sure each has a different height from the rest, and arrange on a shelf. The result? Simply gorgeous statement decor.

2. Coupled up.

No one wants to feel lonely – including candleholders. If you spot two singles, don’t be afraid to set them up. Pair them together for an ambiance that feels nice-and-balanced. And who knows, your matchmaking skills just may lead to some “fiery” (get it?) inter-decor chemistry!

3. Twinsies.

Identical candlesticks don’t have to feel repetitive, as long as they play to a grander motif. In other words, choose them based on the qualities they’ll share with their neighbors. For example, on the console table above, the simple white candlesticks, with their sleek grooves and silhouettes, call out the simple white planter, with its sleek grooves and silhouette, on the other end.

4. Heighten the stakes.

It’s a simple fact of life: layering just makes everything better. From layered cakes to layered autumn sweaters, the “extra”-ness brings comfort – almost as if to say, “don’t worry – there’s more where that came from!” What, though, would layering be if each layer were the same? Same sweater-over-sweater…same size of layer on a tall wedding cake…exact same heights of candlesticks? The sweaters would feel too bulky, the cake would perhaps lean (or fall), and the candlesticks would make for boring decor. We shudder to peruse further.

5. Gold rush.

For your dining pleasure: a soft shower of glowing gold dust to radiate elegance and pure light – banishing all thoughts of troubles and making the “right here, right now” feel like a beautiful dream. No, it’s not magic, and yes, it is feasible – all thanks to the charm of candlestick centerpieces.

6. Candles work better in groups.

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned so far: A., Candle holders don’t like to feel lonely, B., candle holders like to match their surroundings, and C., (layered) variety is the spice of a candle holder’s life. It’s not just us…right? There’s something eerily…human about candle holders? The way this article is shaping up, we’re starting to creep ourselves out; but, no matter – the show must go on.
And on, now, to Candle Holder Tip #6: Candle holders work better in groups. (Edit: That’s it. Forget about AI – worry about the candle holders!)
A candle holder with three or more candles isn’t just really pretty to look at. When lit at night, the soft flicker will feel brighter and “glow-ier,” giving the entire room a warm, peaceful ambiance.

7. Long and lean.

Here’s a tip to carry with you in all areas of home decor: when the eye draws up, the space feels more open. The easiest way to draw the eye up? Through long, lean silhouettes – and in particular, tall candlesticks. Arranging candlesticks on a table is also a subtle, psychological ‘decorator’s trick’ to help “raise” guests’ heads, discouraging them from staring down at their plates.

8. A votive motive.

A votive, or a small glass candle holder of the kind (or resembling the kind) often used in church for prayer or offerings, can actually serve as superchic decor in its own right. You need not look further than the wood-and-iron votive set on this industrial-inspired console table.

9. Shape up your decor.

If, when asked ‘when are we ever gonna use this in the real world,’ your high school 3rd period geometry teacher responded, ‘when you want your candlesticks to serve as chic decor,’ he would’ve been right. Because geometric figures, when incorporated into an iron base, are deliciously bold – and you can quiz us on that!

10. Caged beauty.

A candle that’s partially obstructed from view is all the more intriguing. “Hide” one in a holder that’s taller than the candle itself for a roles-reversed aesthetic – and gorgeous, glowing intrigue.

11. ‘Silvery when wet.’

A glowing candle enrobed in a silver encasement will glisten, glimmer and shine – in the best way imaginable!

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